MAV WELLER has re-signed with St Kilda for three years and taken a swing at his former club Gold Coast in the process, saying he's glad it delisted him.

Speaking exclusively with, Weller did not hold back when asked about his axing from the Suns at the end of 2013, lining up the club and former coach Guy McKenna.

Since joining the Saints via the rookie draft, Weller has been right at home, playing 36 games, joining the leadership group and now recommitting until the end of 2018.

But the 23-year-old says his time with the Suns was anything but memorable.

"I didn't believe I should have been delisted – I thought they were making a pretty big mistake, but that's for them," Weller said.

"I'm glad they made that decision.

"I don't believe they do things properly, to be honest with you.

"I was on edge up there. I don't feel as though a lot of the players played with fear their spot was (in danger), and that's the way I played.

"I've gone to a club that rewards hard work. You earn respect and once you've got it you've got it and I've thrived in that environment. It was a perfect match."

Weller was an inaugural Sun, taken as one of the 12 17-year-old access selections granted to Gold Coast as part of its list build.

He played 32 games in three seasons and despite finishing a difficult 2013 with a career-high 27 disposals against Greater Western Sydney in the final round, was cut.

"I had an up and down final year there, broke my shoulder which didn't help, then played a couple of really good games at the end of the year and they said "Nah, not good enough"," Weller recalled.

"I was always going to ask for a trade anyway and get out of there because I didn't believe in the club, didn't believe in the coach and just wanted to get out of there to further my footy.

"It's been a blessing in disguise."

Tasmanian Weller has been friends with Luke Russell since they were youngsters, and said they still spoke on a weekly basis.

But aside from a having a number of friends still on the Suns' list  he said, "For my footy, it was about getting out of there".

After his clip for McKenna, Weller said Saints coach Alan Richardson had been a breath of fresh air and a major reason for his development.

"Alan's very transparent, what you see is what you get. He values honesty and hard work and that's what I am.

"I'm not afraid to voice my opinions and my beliefs and he just backed me.

"We've got terrific leadership and a terrific coaching panel.

"The boys come in, work hard and earn respect and then you give it all and make the fans and your family as proud as you can.

"I'm just loving my time here."

Mav Weller (second left) and Guy McKenna in 2010. Picture: AFL Media