Jas Garner in action during round seven, 2023. Picture: AFL Photos

NORTH Melbourne champion Jasmine Garner has been crowned the AFLW's best player by the League's coaches for the second year in a row.

Garner finished the home-and-away season with 81 votes in the AFL Coaches' Association Champion Player Award, seven ahead of Sydney's Laura Gardiner (74) and well clear of Brisbane's Ally Anderson, who finished third on 65 votes.


It's the third time Garner has won the award following her triumphs in 2020 and 2022. She is the only multiple winner of the award.

At the end of each game during the home-and-away season, the coaches of both teams gives votes in a 5-4-3-2-1 format to who they believe are the best players on the ground. The maximum a player can get in a game is 10 votes, five from each coach.

Jasmine Garner celebrates a goal during North Melbourne's clash against Brisbane in round four, 2023. Picture: Getty Images

Garner got the maximum 10 votes on five occasions, which is half of the games she played, and polled in all 10 games during the season.

"We feel so lucky to have Jas at our club and to have had a front-row seat to another outstanding season by her," North coach Darren Crocker said.

"She is a special player, and to win this award for a third time is great recognition of her constant drive to get better and be the best she can be for the team."

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1 Jasmine Garner (NMFC) - 81 votes
2 Laura Gardiner (SYD) - 74 
3 Ally Anderson (BL) - 65
4 Ebony Marinoff (ADEL) - 64
5 Monique Conti (RICH) - 62
6 Ashleigh Riddell (NMFC) - 61
7 Claudia Whitfort (GCFC) 60
8 Georgie Prespakis (GEEL) - 57
9 Bonnie Toogood (ESS) - 55
=10 Madison Prespakis (ESS) - 53
=10 Charlie Rowbottom (GCFC) - 53


2023 - Jasmine Garner (North Melbourne)
2022 (S7) - Jasmine Garner (North Melbourne)     
2022 (S6) - Emily Bates (Brisbane)     
2021 - Kiara Bowers (Fremantle)     
2020 - Jasmine Garner (North Melbourne)     
2019 - Erin Phillips (Adelaide)     
2018 - Emma Kearney (Western Bulldogs)     
2018 - Chelsea Randall (Adelaide)


Gold Coast v Greater Western Sydney

10 Claudia Whitfort GCFC 
7 Alison Drennan GCFC 
7 Charlie Rowbottom GCFC 
3 Rebecca Beeson GWS 
3 Madeline Brancatisano GCFC

Melbourne v Fremantle

10 Paxy Paxman MELB 
4 Lily Mithen MELB 
4 Kate Hore MELB 
3 Kiara Bowers FRE 
3 Megan Kauffman FRE 
3 Blaithin Mackin MELB 
2 Lauren Pearce MELB 
1 Eden Zanker MELB

St Kilda v Brisbane

9 Jesse Tawhiao-Wardlaw STK 
7 Tyanna Smith STK 
6 Jaimee Lambert STK 
4 Georgia Patrikios STK 
3 Ally Anderson BL 
1 Olivia Vesely STK

Essendon v Carlton

10 Bonnie Toogood ESS 
7 Sophie Alexander ESS 
7 Madison Prespakis ESS 
4 Abbie McKay CARL 
1 Breann Moody CARL 
1 Georgia Clarke ESS

West Coast v Western Bulldogs

10 Ellie Blackburn WB 
8 Gabby Newton WB 
4 Ella Roberts WCE 
3 Elisabeth Georgostathis WB 
2 Isabella Grant WB 
2 Charlotte Thomas WCE 
1 Emma Swanson WCE

Richmond v Geelong

10 Georgie Prespakis GEEL 
6 Jacqueline Parry GEEL 
6 Amy McDonald GEEL 
4 Claudia Gunjaca GEEL 
2 Nina Morrison GEEL 
1 Chantel Emonson GEEL 
1 Bethany Lynch RICH

Sydney v Collingwood

8 Laura Gardiner SYD 
8 Sofia Hurley SYD
4 Lucy McEvoy SYD
4 Chloe Molloy SYD
4 Sabrina Frederick COLL 
2 Mikala Cann COLL

Adelaide v North Melbourne

10 Jasmine Garner NMFC 
7 Ebony Marinoff ADEL 
7 Ashleigh Riddell NMFC 
3 Anne Hatchard ADEL 
3 Niamh Kelly ADEL

Hawthorn v Port Adelaide

10 Greta Bodey HAW 
6 Abbey Dowrick PORT 
6 Emily Bates HAW 
5 Lucy Wales HAW 
2 Matilda Scholz PORT 
1 Gemma Houghton PORT


Gold Coast v Essendon

9 Claudia Whitfort GCFC 
9 Lucy Single GCFC 
3 Niamh McLaughlin GCFC 
3 Alison Drennan GCFC 
2 Georgia Nanscawen ESS 
2 Daisy D'Arcy GCFC 
1 Lauren Ahrens GCFC 
1 Ellyse Gamble ESS

Western Bulldogs v North Melbourne

10 Jasmine Garner NMFC 
8 Ashleigh Riddell NMFC 
5 Emma Kearney NMFC
5 Ellie Blackburn WB
1 Elisabeth Georgostathis WB
1 Kim Rennie NMFC

Port Adelaide v Greater Western Sydney

9 Ashleigh Saint PORT
7 Gemma Houghton PORT 
6 Abbey Dowrick PORT 
4 Zarlie Goldsworthy GWS 
4 Matilda Scholz PORT

Geelong v Hawthorn

10 Georgie Prespakis GEEL 
8 Nina Morrison GEEL 
3 Rebecca Webster GEEL 
3 Chloe Scheer GEEL 
2 Zali Friswell GEEL
2 Emily Bates HAW 
1 Amy McDonald GEEL
1 Kristy Stratton HAW

West Coast v Adelaide

7 Ella Roberts WCE 
5 Danielle Ponter ADEL 
5 Ebony Marinoff ADEL 
5 Montana McKinnon ADEL 
4 Rachelle Martin ADEL 
3 Charlotte Thomas WCE 
1 Madison Newman ADEL

Brisbane v Melbourne

10 Breanna Koenen BL
7 Jade Ellenger BL 
5 Ally Anderson BL
3 Lauren Pearce MELB 
2 Catherine Svarc BL
2 Isabel Dawes BL
1 Courtney Hodder BL

Carlton v St Kilda

10 Georgia Patrikios STK 
8 Jaimee Lambert STK
3 Mimi Hill CARL 
3 Abbie McKay CARL 
3 Tyanna Smith STK 
3 Nicola Xenos STK

Collingwood v Richmond

10 Monique Conti RICH 
8 Katie Brennan RICH
4 Grace Egan RICH 
4 Aishling Sheridan COLL 
4 Eilish Sheerin RICH

Fremantle v Sydney

10 Laura Gardiner SYD 
6 Chloe Molloy SYD 
4 Dana East FRE 
4 Emma O'Driscoll FRE 
4 Montana Ham SYD 
1 Mim Strom FRE 
1 Tanya Kennedy SYD