IT IS every football fan's responsibility to speak up when they hear the type of racist taunts directed at Majak Daw, Daniel Wells and Lindsay Thomas at the MCG on Sunday, North Melbourne coach Brad Scott says.

A complaint was made against a male Hawthorn fan at North's clash with Hawthorn last Sunday for racially abusing the players, but despite launching an investigation the Hawks have not yet been able to identify him.

The MCC also confirmed on Tuesday night that another fan was thrown out of the MCG during Sunday's game for making racist comments.

"I just thought we were past that as a society," Scott said at Aegis Park on Wednesday.

"I would like to commend the supporter that came forward and reported it, but I think as a society we are beyond keeping your mouth shut when you hear or see things like that

"Report these people. The AFL has a number that people can text and report these people and everyone should do it – supporters of both sides.
"Now I want to make it clear that none of our players heard what was said, so they can't be offended by it.

"But I can't stress enough that there's no place for that in our game.

"Every single person, it is their responsibility to make sure they report that because we've got to stamp it out of our game. It's got no place in footy and it's got no place in society."

It's believed the male Hawthorn fan was sitting in general admission, but attempts to identify him, including a lengthy review of CCTV footage, have so far proved unsuccessful.

Hawthorn swiftly launched an investigation after receiving a complaint from a spectator on Tuesday.

That fan did not report the abuse to authorities during the match.

It's understood North Melbourne had not received any complaints.

"We would encourage any stadium patron to phone or text in to the advertised number and immediately report any anti-social or nuisance behaviour so the matter can be managed by the ground security, and the club if required," Hawthorn chief executive Stuart Fox said.   

"Racial vilification at the football in any form is offensive and totally unacceptable – not just to the target of the vilification but also to all players and supporters."

In a separate instance of racial abuse, the stadium has confirmed another fan was thrown out of the venue.

"A patron was evicted for making racial comments," an MCC spokesperson told

On Tuesday night Victoria Police also confirmed that a spectator had been issued with an infringement notice.

Daw became the first Sudanese-born player to appear in the AFL when he made his debut against the Brisbane Lions in round four.  

The AFL has been informed of the incidents by both Hawthorn and the MCG.

The League said there was "no place for such behaviour" and if the person was identified, and was a club member, he would be stripped of his membership.

Daw was the victim of racial abuse in an incident in the VFL two years ago when he was playing for Werribee.

Matt Thompson is a reporter for AFL Media. Follow him on Twitter @MattThompsonAFL