A rubber duck race is a fun and creative way to decide your draft order

RUBBER duck race, random Spotify playlist, video game tournaments, sporting events, skills challenges … how will your Fantasy league decide its draft order?

There are plenty of fun and creative ways to decide who gets the all-important first pick on draft night.

We've asked around and scoured the forums to come up with what we think are the best ways to decide a draft order.

If you've never tried Fantasy Draft before then this is a massive reason to give it a go. Get a group of mates together for an epic draft day/night and try one of these methods to decide your draft order.

You could just pick names out of a hat or leave it up to a random online generator, but we think this is more fun. 

Rubber duck race

Each member gets a rubber duck, place them in a river, and the order they cross the finish line determines the draft order.

Spotify playlist

Make a Spotify playlist with one song chosen by each member of the league, then shuffle. Make a party of it while the playlist decides who gets what pick.

Video game tournaments

A wrestling game probably works best for this one. Set up a 'Royal Rumble' with every wrestler run by the computer. Everyone gets one or two wrestlers each, then sit back and see who emerges victorious. 

Horse race

Find a race with the same number of horses as people in your league. Give everyone a number and watch the race together. 

Skills challenges

- Set up a number of skills challenges that everyone in your league can do. Think of straightforward challenges like kicking/handball accuracy, dizzy penalty shootout, flip cup/bottle etc.
- A one-off tournament like mini-golf or tenpin bowling etc.
- Beer pong where each cup has a number in it, you shuffle up the cups and take turns throwing a ping-pong ball. Whichever cup you get is the pick you have.


Credit card crunch

Pick your favourite pub and get everyone together for lunch or dinner. When it comes to paying the bill, everyone gives their credit card to the waiter and they pick them one at a time. First out gets last pick and so on, with the last remaining card getting pick No.1, but also picking up the tab.

Note: Sometimes pick No.1 is not always the best so you could give the winner the right to choose which pick they want.

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