SYDNEY co-captain Dane Rampe will be hit with a 'please explain' from the AFL for his controversial climbing of the goalpost from Friday night's narrow win over Essendon. understands Rampe will be asked to clarify two incidents stemming from the clash at the SCG, with his remarks to an umpire also under investigation from the League.

Rampe told umpire Jacob Mollison that he "talks like a little girl", having conceded a holding the ball free kick during the second quarter.

Although the Swans defender climbing the goalpost perhaps sparked more debate in the aftermath of the tightly contested match, it's expected the AFL will come down harder on Rampe for his comments to the game's officiator.

Rampe later attempted to scale the goalpost as Essendon midfielder David Myers took a kick for goal after the siren to win the game for the Bombers, though no free kick was paid by umpire Andre Gianfagna.

The shot for goal fell short, with Essendon losing by five points.

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Part (a) of rule 17.11 states the player from the attacking team who was about to or who has kicked for goal shall take the free kick at the centre of the goal line.

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan later said it was "practical umpiring" to not issue a free kick, while Rampe wasn't fined by Match Review Officer Michael Christian over the weekend.

That's despite Christian having the option of fining Rampe under the 'fixed financial offences' section of the Match Review's guidelines, which forbids a player to 'shake a goalpost' or 'interfere with a player kicking for goal'.

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Rampe released a video via the Swans' Twitter account later on Monday afternoon, apologising for his actions in both instances. 

VFL/AFL players found guilty of shaking a goalpost
 Player  When  Penalty 
 Arthur Hando (Syd)  R9 1924, v Geel Nil
 Jim Spain (Rich)   R10 1924, v Syd  Nil
 Stewart Loewe (StK)  R3 1988, v NM $1000 fine 
 Michael Gibson (Bris)  R2 1990, v Fitz  $1000 fine 
 Darren Wheildon (Fitz)  R22 1993, v Melb  $750 fine
 Dustin Fletcher (Ess)  R16 2001, v NM  $600 fine

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