THE AFL Illicit Drug Policy (IDP) is based on a medical model and provides a structure of supportive care for the player. It specifically is not meant to be punitive and over the years has been based on trust and confidentiality between the player and club doctor.

The club doctors' prime responsibility is, and always will be, the health and wellbeing of the athlete.

The suggestion that this unique privilege has been somehow manipulated is simply not true. Such comments are disappointing, and represent a distortion of a process aimed at supporting player welfare.

The AFL Doctors Association supports the AFL's Illicit Drugs Policy, which aims to deter use while providing avenues for education and treatment. This approach aligns with our ethos of empathy and support.

We maintain transparent communication with the AFL, ensuring that any substance use concerns are managed with discretion and in accordance with medical ethics, the AFL's guidelines, and WADA's code.