IT'S a who’s who at the selection table as Carlton and Casey Demons roll out a host of AFL names for their must-win Smithy’s VFL clash at IKON Park on Friday night.

The Blues will regain key defender Caleb Marchbank for his first appearance of the season after a back injury, while Orazio Fantasia will play his first VFL game since his days at Essendon in 2018 and will be joined by David Cuningham in the Blues’ line-up.

And the Demons will regain the services of Ben Brown and Marty Hore after they were withdrawn from Sunday’s loss to Williamstown, with Bailey Laurie dropped by Melbourne and Taj Woewodin also a chance to play after being named the substitute on Thursday night.

Brodie Kemp was the only AFL player called up for Thursday night footy as the Blues regained several players to the top team from injury, with experienced VFL players Bailey Lambert, Tom Phillips and Zavier Maher among those who had to make way.

Carlton has a VFL debutant, with Echuca United youngster Oliver Poole given the nod after solid form for Bendigo Pioneers in the Coates Talent League.

For Casey, Josh Schache was held over last week but now has a sore achilles and won’t play at either level, while Paddy Cross returns from injury, with last week’s debut revelation Roy George among the five VFL-listed players to lose their spots.

Port Melbourne regains the dashing Anthony Anastasio from a hamstring injury for its clash with Coburg at ETU Stadium on Friday night.

Anastasio hasn’t played since the Round 3 loss to Casey but is ready to return as he closes in on 150 VFL games alongside former Northern Bullants defender Spencer Johnson, who has broken through for his first game at his new club, while former Sydney backman Lachie Rankin is in the concussion protocols.

The Lions made four changes, losing in-form ruckman Cooper Keogh but recalling experienced full back Harry Nolan, while Ingo Dammersmith, Daniel Johnston and season debutant Ben Cameron are also in, with Charlie Beasley among those to be left out.

All matches in the 2024 Smithy’s VFL and VFLW seasons will be live streamed free via the AFL website, AFL Live Official App and VFL App.

Smithy’s VFL broadcast partner, the Seven Network, will broadcast select matches live and free on the Seven Network in Victoria and on 7plus nationally. This week’s broadcast game will be Richmond vs Footscray Bulldogs.


Friday 10 May, 5:10pm, IKON Park
Head-to-Head: 3-3; At IKON Park: 2-2; Streak: Carlton 1; Last Time: Carlton 11.11 (77) def Casey Demons 9.15 (69) – August 13, 2023, IKON Park

C. Marchbank (22), S. Durdin (38), L. Young (33)
HB: B. Wilson (35), D. Akuei (41), L. Young (55)
C: H. Ramshaw (51), J. Binns (25), D. Cuningham (28)
HF: N. Cahill (54), R. Monahan (34), A. Moir (43)
F: L. McMahon (52), H. Lemmey (31), A. Mirkov (45)
R: H. O'Keeffe (40), J. Carroll (16), O. Fantasia (14)
INT: L. Prout (74), W. White (77), O. Poole (75)*, M. Lewis (58), L. Nelson (57)
EMG: D. Hogg (70), T. Phillips (59), A. Stevens (64), Z. Maher (50), B. Lambert (80), H. Gill (62), J. Lefroy (79)

IN: D. Cuningham, O. Fantasia, C. Marchbank, O. Poole, L. Prout, L. Young
OUT: B. Kemp (AFL), D. Hogg, B. Lambert, Z. Maher, T. Phillips, A. Stevens
NEW: Orazio Fantasia, 28, 180cm, Port Adelaide AFL; Oliver Poole, 19, 183cm, Echuca United/Bendigo Pioneers

M. Hore (27), A. Tomlinson (20), M. Gregory (57)
HB: T. Woewodin (40), J. Adams (26), A. Moniz-Wakefield (45)
C: L. Hunter (12), K. Tholstrup (39), R. Steele (54)
HF: K. Brown (41), T. Fullarton (33), O. Sestan (38)
F: S. McAdam (23), B. Brown (50), M. Jefferson (21)
R: W. Verrall (28), M. White (52), B. Laurie (16)
INT: P. Cross (64), N. Moodie (74), T. Edwards (58), K. Windsor (66)*, H. Neocleous (75)
EMG: T. Freeman (67), M. Szybkowski (56), B. Laplanche (68), J. Bell (73)

IN: B. Brown, P. Cross, M. Hore, B. Laurie, T. Woewodin
OUT: J. Bell, T. Freeman, R. George, B. Laplanche, M. Szybkowski


Friday 10 May, 7:35pm, ETU Stadium
Head-to-Head: Port Melbourne 98-69-4; At ETU Stadium: Port Melbourne 53-27-2; Streak: Port Melbourne 1; Last Time: Port Melbourne 11.14 (80) def Coburg 10.10 (70) – July 28, 2023, ETU Stadium

T. Watson (11), T. Highmore (35), N. Stuhldreier (31)
HB: F. Rosman (3), J. Johnston (20), R. Smith (18)
C: D. McKenzie (44), J. Green (14), T. Hird (4)
HF: A. Anastasio (19), J. Miller (23), C. Henness (7)
F: B. Gowers (10), J. Conlan (34), H. Maguire (38)
R: F. Flockart (27), H. Hooper (37), R. McComb (1)
INT: H. Stubbings (12), C. Wild (26), K. Viccars (2), S. Johnson (8), G. Barnes (25)
EMG: B. Milford (28), T. Hofert (21), A. Curry (13), L. Coghlan (30), L. Modica (56), A. Manton (16), K. Borg (39), C. Walker (29)

IN: A. Anastasio, S. Johnson
OUT: L. Rankin (concussion), A. Curry
NEW: Spencer Johnson, 22, 186cm, Northern Bullants

I. Dammersmith (15), J. Corigliano (2), R. Sturgess (9)
HB: D. Kalpakis (38), D. Toohey (33), L. Walker (25)
C: T. Rowland (31), M. Kennedy (24), H. Bromell (5)
HF: B. Gillard (11), T. McKenzie (3), B. Cameron (13)
F: C. Ernst (40), G. Thomas (39), W. Bella (16)
R: S. Grant (30), J. Trudgeon (18), F. Gentile (4)
INT: R. Galvin (37), J. D'Intinosante (7), D. Johnston (12), B. Rigoni (32), H. Nolan (6)
EMG: M. Podhajski (10), L. Podhajski (14), H. Brown (22), L. Serong (17), G. Belcher (34), L. Bailey (1), C. Beasley (8)

IN: B. Cameron, I. Dammersmith, D. Johnston, H. Nolan
OUT: L. Bailey, C. Beasley, H. Brown, C. Keogh


FIELD: 2. Lachlan Coyne, 24. Matt Mahoney, 32. Michael Willcox. BOUNDARY: Sam Beer, Mitch Dorling, Corey Malcolm. GOAL: Josh Hickman, Nelson Tucker.

FIELD: 3. Emiel Morvell, 9. Seb Dalgleish, 23. Sam Ferguson. BOUNDARY: Mitch O’Neill, Dan Urbans, Jesse Wilkie. GOAL: Matt Edwards, Adam Gardner.