Ollie Wines confers with doctors during round 10, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

BROWNLOW medallist Ollie Wines has been substituted out of Yartapuulti's match against Hawthorn due to heart palpitations.

Wines sank to his haunches when nearing a passage of play late in the first quarter of Sunday's match at Adelaide Oval.


The Power star then slowly made his way to the interchange bench with about a minute remaining in the term, with the Power later confirming he would take no further part in Sunday's match.

Wines also experienced heart palpitations during a game against Melbourne in 2022.

He was subbed out of that game and sent to hospital, where a heart irregularity was diagnosed.


The 2021 Brownlow medallist said he felt dizzy and nauseous during that game against Melbourne.

On Sunday, Port Adelaide footy boss Chris Davies said the midfielder had "settled in the change rooms" after being subbed out.

"He told the doctor, tried to settle it down but couldn't quite get it done so we subbed him out," Davies said.

"He's had some other situations at training ... he's well aware of the issue and when it confronts him, it's about rest. He's got some medication for it.

"He's settled down now and let's hope he's up and OK."

Davies said it was too early to say when the midfielder would be able to return to action, but said the issue has been resolved quickly in the past.

"He's had some issues at training where he's been able to have the right amount of rest and get back into it reasonably quickly," he said.

While keeping the specifics of his diagnosis private, Wines said in 2022 it was a common condition in elite athletes.

"It's more a heart rhythm issue that is pretty common in elderly people and elite athletes," Wines said at the time.

"'Once it was explained to me it was very reassuring and there's not too many long-term effects.

'The prognosis is really positive ... at this stage, it's not a big issue.

'It was (scary) during the game.

Ollie Wines and James Worpel in action during the match between Yartapuulti (Port Adelaide) and Hawthorn at Adelaide Oval in round 10, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

"And then after the game when I went off to hospital and they rushed me off when they saw something was wrong, but the ... staff, the cardiologist and nurses there were so reassuring and really put my mind at ease."

Wines missed only one game due to the condition in 2022 and his coach Ken Hinkley said the issue could flare again.

"It wouldn’t be unusual for it to happen again," Hinkley said at the time.

"We hope that it never happens again. But it’s not something we can stand here and categorically say it couldn’t happen again.

"Because he has had one episode we are probably on high alert with all that."


On Sunday, Wines remained on the Yartapuulti interchange bench as the game against Hawthorn continued.

The loss of Wines compounded a tough start to the game against the Hawks, with the Power trailing by 31 points at the quarter-time break.

Defender Brandon Zerk-Thatcher came into the game to replace Wines.