MORE than 30 fans were treated for food poisoning symptoms, with some taken to hospital, after a high-priced lunch at the MCG went wrong on Thursday.

Collingwood president Eddie McGuire was shocked to see people "dropping like flies" after falling ill from Essendon's $725-a-seat pre-game lunch in the MCG Olympic Room.

The Melbourne Cricket Club is investigating the fallout from the lunch which included chicken and rabbit terrine.  

People were fair dinkum hitting the deck left, right and centre around me. I hear collapses against the door and the windows - Eddie McGuire

"It was unbelievable, people started, in the president's room, dropping like flies," McGuire told Triple M on Friday morning.

"As we stood outside for the minute's silence, people were fair dinkum hitting the deck left, right and centre around me. I hear collapses against the door and the windows.

"I didn't see anyone throwing up but I'm told at half-time [that] people outside the ground [were] physically throwing up. There were 14 people [that] hit the deck before the opening bounce. 

"I'm led to believe 35 and more were treated before half-time."

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The MCC called on any of the 600 fans in the room still experiencing symptoms to seek medical attention.

"The MCC can confirm that at yesterday’s game a number of guests presented with gastro intestinal symptoms," the MCC said in a statement on Friday.

"The guests were all part of the official match-day function in the Olympic Room and incidents are localised to this room only within the stadium.

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"We are currently investigating to determine the cause of these incidents. We are working in co-operation with health services and our partners to understand what caused the medical issues. 

"If you were a guest in the Olympic Room and are experiencing gastro intestinal symptoms, then please seek medical attention if the symptoms are causing you distress."

AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan, also present at the function along with guests including Kevin Sheedy and Governor of Victoria Linda Dessau, said he saw a number of concerned individuals. 

"My understanding is people are OK today, not downplaying it, but it's not a longer-term issue," McLachlan said on 3AW.

"I didn't see vomiting, but I saw some people distressed and light-headed."