HIGHLY-HYPED North Melbourne ruckman Majak Daw gave a glimpse of his potential last weekend - but might be missing from the Kangaroos' pre-season cup match on Saturday.

Daw, the AFL's first Sudanese-born player, kicked a crowd-pleasing goal against Richmond last Friday - but it was not ideal, according to coach Brad Scott.

Scott said Daw should have seen a teammate and handed off the ball - but that was one of the fundamentals North were continuing to instil in him.

Daw might have finally had a chance to thrill the crowd at senior level, but he has paid for his effort with a knee injury.

Scott said on Tuesday he is in doubt for the second-round cup match against Gold Coast in Townsville on Saturday.

"We're hopeful Majak will be up and right to play, but he did have some swelling Sunday and Saturday morning," Scott said.

"That was disappointing given that we managed his loads through the pre-season and thought he would get through.

"And we managed his load in the games so, at this stage at best, he's 50-50."

Scott said Daw would be selected but whether he lines up will depend on the swelling in his knee reducing significantly over the next 24 hours.

Daw's goal from a long run came after he pushed off Richmond defender Steven Morris but Scott said he should have taken the more secure option.

"We're trying to simplify the game for him at the moment," Scott said. "I said before the game that he would do a few things that would make people stand up and take notice.

"But he's still really working hard on the fundamentals of the game.

"He didn't see Brad McKenzie on the inside. It's very easy in hindsight to say he should've passed it off - he simply didn't see him. And they're the fundamentals that I'm talking about," he said.