After three seasons in charge of making Collingwood his own, Nathan Buckley needs to get the Pies right in 2015. On Buckley's watch, the Pies have slipped from a Grand Final berth to missing the finals, and some of the Collingwood faithful would certainly be frustrated with the team's progress. 'Getting the Pies right', however, is not necessarily about being a top-four side in 2015. The Magpies already had a young list before losing premiership players Dayne Beams, Luke Ball, Nick Maxwell and Heritier Lumumba. Now they have genuine claims as a rebuilding team. 'Getting it right' in 2015 should be about developing and blooding Nathan Freeman and Jordan De Goey, and introducing recruits Travis Varcoe and Levi Greenwood to the midfield mix. With experienced operator Neil Balme now in charge of the football department, the Pies should be favoured to set themselves up for 2016 and beyond. If they don't, Buckley could face some tough questions from impatient fans and media. - Nathan Schmook
Pardon the pun but a black and white answer is impossible to this question. Any quest to a premiership requires getting more things right than wrong for successive seasons so essentially Buckley must continue an upward trend in 2015. What will cause louder questions to be asked is if injuries mount, their attack struggles and they continue to drop off late in games. In 2014 the Pies won just eight final quarters and were 15th in points for however they suffered from the unavailability of key players at vital times. With a strong sounding board in Neil Balme, the new football director, and with backing from key Collingwood people, Buckley will have time to improve as coach. Although the Magpies are bullish about their prospects for 2015, a more sober assessment suggests they will be in a battle for the lower reaches of the eight once again. Anything above that will be a bonus. – Peter Ryan