Connor Rozee celebrates a goal during Port Adelaide's clash against Essendon in round four, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

BEING told I sound like a broken record must be the new way of saying thank you after I have repeatedly recommended bringing in Errol Gulden (MID, $1,053,000) since his bye where he has gone on to average 144 in that time… My bad!

His most recent game was another masterclass, making the most of his 98 per cent time on ground to collect 41 disposals, take 12 marks and kick a goal for 154. It leaves him with a breakeven of just 89 which, dare I say it, leaves him under priced for the 68 per cent of coaches who continue to ignore me. I will, however, take the feedback on board and not write about him in the 'Stocks up' section… despite his stocks rising and the Swan still being a must have.

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The byes are over and most of our teams are in the fortunate position of having 22 players without a rookie on the ground. If that isn't the case for your team, the plan is the same for everyone from here, remove the weakest link and continue to upgrade to premiums.

With tags back in vogue, the question is starting to be asked as to whether we trade the likes of Jordan Clark (DEF, $937,000) who was tagged to a season-low 57 by James Jordon just six games ago and faces him once again this week. Lachie Whitfield (DEF, $870,000) continued his good form and got the better of Jordon the second time around after being well beaten in the first match-up, so would it be jumping at shadows not to give Clark the same opportunity?

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  • Connor Rozee MID, $705,000)
  • Logan Evans (DEF, $237,000)
  • Arie Schoenmaker (DEF, $236,000)
  • Jye Caldwell (MID/FWD, $791,000)
  • Koltyn Tholstrup (FWD, $292,000)


  • Clayton Oliver (MID, $690,000)
  • Christian Salem (DEF/MID, $712,000)
  • Joel Freijah (MID/FWD, $410,00)
  • Jeremy Sharp MID, $631,000)
  • Tom Powell (FWD/MID, $607,000)


  • Eric Hipwood (FWD, $646,000) +$71,000
  • Tom De Koning (RUC, $769,000) +$56,000
  • Jayden Laverde (DEF, $567,000) +$51,000
  • Errol Gulden (MID, $1.05M)) +$50,000
  • Sam Day (FWD, $396,000) +$46,000)


  • Brandon Ellis (MID, $528,000) -$64,000
  • Jeremy Sharp (MID, $631,000)) -$58,000
  • Clayton Oliver (MID, $690,000) -$54,000
  • Corey Durdin (FWD, $244,000) -$45,000
  • Luke Ryan (DEF, $970,000) -$43,000


  • Billy Dowling (MID/FWD, $301,000) -12
  • Arie Schoenmaker (DEF, $236,000) -9
  • Logan Evans (DEF, $237,000) -9
  • Koltyn Tholstrup (FWD, $292,000) 7
  • Sam Day (FWD, $396,000) 10


  • Luke Ryan (DEF, $970,000) 161
  • Rowan Marshall (RUC, $962,000) 141
  • Nick Daicos (DEF/MID, $926,000) 141
  • Dayne Zorko (FWD/MID, $965,000) 136
  • Jordan Dawson (MID, $918,000) 135
Luke Ryan celebrates after the R10 match between Walyalup (Fremantle) and Euro-Yroke (St Kilda) at Marvel Stadium on May 18, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos


Connor Rozee (MID, $705,000): The Power skipper started the season like a house on fire with scores of 111, 116, 99, 133 and 100, which came as no surprise given the way he finished last season. Unfortunately, it all came crashing down in round six when a number of unfortunate injuries struck, effectively keeping his scores under triple figures until last round. So that brings us to the present, and the explosive midfielder is now available for $251k under his original starting price after playing the game we needed to see with 28 disposals, eight marks and seven tackles for 115. It leaves him with a BE of just 87 and he is a contender for bargain of the year.

Connor Rozee is tackled by Jaspa Fletcher during the R15 match between Port Adelaide and Brisbane at Adelaide Oval on June 22, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

Jye Caldwell (MID/FWD, $791,000): In a forward line that drops off fast, we have been crying out for someone to step up and the 23-year-old Bomber has done it. He has put together a nice body of work with a five-game average of 100 on the back of a season-high 126 from 26 disposals, six marks, 11 tackles and a goal. He has a BE of just 67 and embraced an increase in responsibility in the midfield which also saw a spike in TOG.

Tom Green (MID, $770,000): A score of just seven in round eight following an ankle injury triggered a price plummet for the star Giant, who hit his first triple-figure score since that day, ironically against the team he injured himself against. He certainly announced he was back with 35 disposals and a season high eight marks and five tackles for 127. He is a genuine bargain now with a BE of 68.

Marcus Bontempelli (MID, $955,000): The Bont is down $101k since the start of the year but he has found his ceiling again in recent weeks, averaging 131 in his last three and 113 in his last five. He has a BE of just 85 and a good match-up on paper against the Roos. Obviously, he has the potential to be tagged each week but surely Will Phillips will need to match up on someone smaller than the 28-year-old midfield bull.

Marcus Bontempelli celebrates a goal for the Western Bulldogs against Fremantle in R14, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

Tim Taranto (MID, $926,000): If you are in the market for a unique pick to shake things up in your team, you could do much worse than the former Giant. Since returning from injury in round 13, he has put together two nice games with scores of 108 and 127 respectively. His most recent was a real eye catcher which reminded coaches of his form at the start of last season with 33 disposals, six marks, five tackles and a goal. It leaves him with a BE of 95 leading into his match-up with the Blues and an ownership of just two per cent.


Clayton Oliver (MID, $690,000): The former premium has been a shadow of his dominant self, but his performance on the weekend had to be seen to be believed. No stranger to a tagger accompanying him around the ground, the 26-year-old struggled to outwork his opponent like we have seen in the past, giving away five free kicks on the way to a season low 26 from 14 disposals. Quite simply, he has to go with a BE of 130 and a three-game average of 60.

Christian Salem (DEF/MID, $712,000): The crafty Dee is always a risky selection, even on the back of an impressive block. Leading into last week's game he scored 93, 133, 88 and 95 which left him with a low BE but unfortunately as we have seen in the past it can end abruptly. He was subbed off on just 53 from 13 disposals with a knee complaint. 

Christian Salem in action during Melbourne's clash against Collingwood in round 13, 2024. Picture: AFL Photos

Luke Ryan (DEF, $970,000): Despite being reluctant to do so, I felt the Dockers defender forced my hand, trading him into my team on the back of a hot patch of form where he put together scores of 161, 105, 126, 144 and 142 between rounds eight and 12 leading into his bye. Post bye he has produced just 70 and 68 which has his price plummeting. He now has a BE of 161 which will trigger many coaches to trade and make some cash out of him. He has a nice draw for defenders on the horizon but there are too many question marks at that price.

Tom Powell (FWD/MID, $607,000): The 22-year-old swingman looked like the answer for our forward line woes between rounds two and five where he scored three out of four hundreds. Unfortunately, since then he hasn't gone close to a triple-figure score, including 46 and 59 in his last two. It leaves him with a BE of 97 and a high priority to move on.

Jeremy Sharp (MID, $631,000): The Dockers recruit has been great, but needs to be moved on fast as his price is dropping rapidly, effectively undoing his good work if you hold on any longer. His two most recent scores of 15 and 39 leave him with a BE of 130 and another big price drop on the cards after sliding $58k this week.

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