WITH Dustin Martin set to part ways with Richmond, AFL.com.au looks at all his possible destinations.

Martin would aid the Crows in their push to return to the top four, but they are unlikely to have the trade currency and Eddie Betts is already in their sights. He would benefit from the strong leadership group and culture at the Crows, but would he want to move to Adelaide?  

Verdict: More suitable options. Very unlikely. 

Brisbane Lions 
The Lions are not a club of choice right now, with some young players walking out. An injection of talent is exactly what the club needs and they should be aggressive. However, it's hard to see Martin choosing the Lions.  

Verdict: They need him but would struggle to woo him. Very unlikely.   

The Blues would have to consider Martin with the money they have available for a play at Collingwood's Dale Thomas. Both would improve the Blues' midfield run significantly, but Martin is younger and comes without the burden of injury. Coach Mick Malthouse would back himself to manage any off-field issues Martin may have. 

Verdict: A nice fit for both parties. Very good chance.

Nathan Buckley spoke strongly about culture after the club's elimination final loss and he appears to be more focused on bringing through a young team in his own mould. Having said that, if the club loses Dale Thomas, Martin would be a perfect on-field replacement.  

Verdict: An attractive option for Martin, and the Magpies should deal if they lose Thomas. Possible.

Salary cap space will become available if the Bombers lose goalkicker Stewart Crameri, but that will only get the Bombers so far. They're also handicapped by this year's draft penalties. 

Verdict: It would be a battle for the Bombers to negotiate a suitable trade. Unlikely.  

Finding another big-bodied midfielder is not the Dockers' priority with Michael Barlow, David Mundy, Nat Fyfe and co. driving the club's most successful season. Fremantle needs young key position players and the club has been meticulous in sticking to its list management strategy.  

Verdict: Has other needs. Very unlikely. 

Unless a number of senior players move on at the end of the season, it is unlikely the Cats would have the cap space available to satisfy Martin. He is, however, the sort of player who could extend their stay in the top four.  

Verdict: Appear on the right track with their next wave. Still, possible. 

Gold Coast 
There are fears Gold Coast will have the most powerful midfield in the competition within two seasons. The battle ahead for the club will be retaining its talented youngsters when rival clubs come knocking. Retaining its talent is likely to be more pressing for the Suns. 

Verdict: He would fit now, but would compromise plans to retain gun youngsters. Unlikely. 

Greater Western Sydney 
Perhaps the frontrunner, the Giants are believed to be confident they can land Martin. Money is not an issue for the expansion club and it would be money well spent with GWS in need of a strong-bodied midfielder capable of taking the heat off its youngsters. GWS has the draft picks available to satisfy the Tigers, and it will also hold pick No.1 at the NAB AFL Pre-Season Draft if a trade can't be settled. Martin's father lives in Sydney.   

Verdict: In pole position. Very likely.  

With its strong leadership and culture, Hawthorn would be a good fit for Martin, who has been supported extensively by the Tigers. With the Hawks sitting comfortably in a premiership window, Martin would be the cream that strengthens an already powerful unit. Salary cap space, however, would have to be an issue.

Verdict: Would require sacrificing talent to satisfy the Tigers and fit Martin in. Possible.  

The Demons have the trade currency and need to make a play for Martin, given the dire state of their list. New coach Paul Roos makes the club a more attractive destination and he will shape a culture that allows Martin to get the best out of himself. Money would not be an obstacle.  

Verdict: Need to make an offer and should be aggressive. Very possible.  

North Melbourne 
The Kangaroos have already been linked to St Kilda midfielder Nick Dal Santo and clearly need another classy midfielder to take the heat off Daniel Wells and Brent Harvey. Expected to be aggressive at the trade table, they could easily shift their focus to Martin. Pick No.8, however, has been committed to father-son selection Luke McDonald. 

Verdict: Dal Santo would be a cheaper option. Martin, however, remains a possibility. 

Port Adelaide 
As Port considers how it can build on an amazing 2013 season, Martin is a player it should consider. He would complement a young and dynamic midfield that should only get better. The big question is, does he want to move to Adelaide?  

Verdict: Lacks draft picks, but has young talent. Unlikely. 

Martin hasn't walked out yet, but it's hard to see him being at Richmond next year. On Monday, football manager Dan Richardson said: "Given the considerable effort we have put into Dustin’s development both on and off the field, and our efforts to retain him all season, we are extremely disappointed with this decision." 

Verdict: Martin appears as good as gone.  

St Kilda 
Martin has relationships with some St Kilda players, but how could the Saints reportedly instruct two of their players not to holiday with the 22-year-old during the off-season and then recruit him? It would be a bold decision.  

Verdict: The Saints appear more likely to rebuild through the draft. Unlikely. 

Sydney Swans
As far as culture and role models go, there couldn't be a better fit for Martin. As mentioned, his father lives in Sydney and that could be a factor in his decision. Do the reigning premiers have the cap space after recruiting key forward Kurt Tippett?  

Verdict: Won't have the draft picks so would need to give up a quality player. Possible.   

West Coast 
The Eagles need a big-bodied midfielder after a disappointing season and Martin fits the bill. Retiring senior players should have opened up the necessary cap space and Daniel Kerr could yet be on his way out. The Eagles should be making enquiries.  

Verdict: A good option for both parties. Very possible, if Martin is willing to move. 

Western Bulldogs 
The Bulldogs will have pick No.4 in the NAB AFL Draft, so they're in the discussion. With a settled young group of on-ballers, however, the midfield is not the biggest issue for Brendon McCartney. The Bulldogs need key position players and that should be their priority, with Stewart Crameri in their sights.

Verdict: Another club that appears set on rebuilding through the draft. Unlikely.