TWO MEN were ejected from Etihad Stadium on Saturday after allegedly hurling racist abuse towards North Melbourne's Sudanese-born player Majak Daw.

The men, who were sitting on level one behind the goal posts, were believed to be supporters of North's opponents, the Western Bulldogs.

Etihad security and police threw the men out after complaints from other fans sitting near them during the third quarter.

It's understood Daw was out of earshot of the abuse.

Etihad spokesman Bill Lane said police took the names of the men, who claimed they had no affiliation to any AFL club.

It's not the first time Daw has been the target of racists.

This prompted North coach Brad Scott to encourage fans of all AFL clubs to report instances of racism in AFL crowds.

"It's got no place in footy, and it's got no place in society," he said at the time.