TWO OF the competition's leading coaches have spoken out about the Match Review Panel and the future of the bump following Jack Ziebell's latest suspension.   

Geelong coach Chris Scott has blasted the controversial panel, labelling its decisions confusing and inconsistent while Sydney Swans premiership coach John Longmire has told his players to refrain from bumping. 

Ziebell received a three-week suspension for a high bump on Adelaide's Jarryd Lyons.

North Melbourne decided against contesting the ban on Tuesday, meaning Ziebell will miss games against Gold Coast, Fremantle and GWS.

It is the third time he has been suspended for a high bump.

Scott took aim at the controversial match review system at a press conference on Tuesday.

"I haven't really wasted too much time thinking about it (the Ziebell ban), and I think that's the approach that most people should take to the match review panel," Scott said.

"If you try to work it out you'll just tear your hair out and end up very confused and frustrated.

"They are so inconsistent that any sort of predictions, when it comes to the Match Review Panel, are a waste of time."

Swans coach Longmire was also asked about the Ziebell incident on Tuesday and revealed he has basically told his players to steer clear of intentionally bumping their opponents.

Longmire believes it has become too risky to try to lay an effective bump.

"I guess I try to take the Match Review (Panel) out of it. I can't control what they do," he told reporters ahead of training at the SCG.

"All we can control is how we coach our players and we try to make sure that the bump's not something they use too much, to be honest.

"We try to focus on the tackle and the pressure.

"The hard thing from Jack's incident is it looked like he went in to smother.

"It's very difficult in that situation.

"But I think it's getting to the stage where the bump, obviously you do it at your own risk.

"You're not quite sure what the outcome will be, you're not quite sure what the other player will do, so you're better off maybe putting it in the kit bag and trying to tackle or put some pressure on."

Longmire said the MRP's crackdown on forceful contact off the ball meant players had to be careful not to 'bump' when shepherding their teammates. 

"I’m not sure if it's the end of the bump, but I try not to actively encourage it because you're just not sure," he said.

"But at the same time you're allowed to shepherd. The difference between a shepherd and a bump is a pretty fine line.

"In the general sense, we try not to encourage too much bumping, but if you're there to shepherd, you should shepherd.

"But once again, don't get it wrong."

Ziebell was rubbed out for three matches for flattening St Kilda skipper Nick Riewoldt late in the 2011 season, and was then was cited for a high bump on Carlton's Aaron Joseph last July.

North Melbourne took that case to the Tribunal, but the Roos lost and Ziebell was forced to miss four matches.