WHAT springs to mind when you think of forwards and defenders?

The personality stereotypes for both positions are all true, according to former Cat and Swan Henry Playfair – with exceptions of course.

St Kilda's backline coach joins the latest episode of AFL.com.au's Trends podcast to discuss the challenges of being in charge of groups at opposite ends of the ground.

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Playfair, who is part of the AFL's exclusive Level Four coaching program, is an aspiring senior coach and he details his coaching journey, including his early mistakes, what he's learned and what makes a good coach.

Trends is a podcast for the hardcore and average football fan who wants to learn more about what they're watching each weekend, plus what's going on behind the scenes.

Episode guide

2:11 – Playing with the "guillotine always hanging over your head"

4:09 – Twenty-four hours to decide whether to be a coach

7:22 – Instant success in the first two years as a coach

11:03 – The mistake, featuring Nic Naitanui, Shane Mumford and Mike Pyke

12:32 – Forwards v defenders: figuring out the different personalities

16:22 – How personal playing experience helps you relate as a coach

18:45 – Learning from what worked during Geelong's golden years

21:16 – Why it was important to move on from Sydney to develop

23:11 – The two hallmarks of what makes a good coach

24:35 – Learning from Alan Richardson and Brett Ratten at St Kilda

27:00 – Coaching without key personnel in the Saints' backline

32:32 – AFL's Level Four coaching course and the path to being a senior coach