HAWTHORN will go into this year's NAB AFL Draft with pick No.14 after its semi-final loss to Melbourne further determined the indicative draft order ahead of October's trade period.

The Giants currently hold pick No.13 after their loss to the Magpies in Saturday night's cut-throat semi-final, while Sydney's (No.12) and Geelong's (No.11) selections have also been locked in after their finals losses.

The Hawks have had success picking just outside the top 10 with the best example being when they used pick No.12 in the 2007 Draft on four-time premiership player, three-time All Australian and Norm Smith medallist Cyril Rioli.

The Blues will have the pick of the crop with the No.1 choice, with midfielder Sam Walsh and key forward Jack Lukosius the leading candidates to be the prized selection. 

Adelaide has two first-round selections – its own pick at No.7 and its second tied to Melbourne's finishing position – while Gold Coast's compensation pick (for losing Tom Lynch) is expected to come in at No.3 overall.

Port Adelaide's dismal end to the season sees it hold the No.9 pick, and it could have another early selection if North Melbourne's top pick (No.10 overall) is involved in a trade for Jared Polec with the Roos offering the Power star a five-year deal.

There may be slight changes to the order if priority picks are awarded.

For the first time, clubs will this year be able to trade draft picks during the event.

Note: The following draft order is based on Richmond beating West Coast in the Grand Final. The picks will be finalised following the Grand Final. There could be further changes before the Trade Period begins with the potential awarding of priority picks.  

CARL1. Carlton
GCFC2. Gold Coast
STK3. St Kilda
BL4. Brisbane
FRE5. Fremantle
WB6. Western Bulldogs
ADEL7. Adelaide
ESS8. Essendon
PORT9. Port Adelaide
NMFC10. North Melbourne
GEEL11. Geelong
SYD12. Sydney
GWS13. Greater Western Sydney 
HAW14. Hawthorn
ADEL15. Adelaide (received from Melbourne)
COLL16. Collingwood
GCFC17. Gold Coast (received from West Coast)
RICH18. Richmond

ADEL19. Adelaide (received from Carlton)
WCE20. West Coast (received from Gold Coast)
PORT21. Port Adelaide (received from St Kilda)
BL22. Brisbane
GWS23. Greater Western Sydney (received from Fremantle)
CARL24. Carlton (received from Western Bulldogs)
CARL25. Carlton (received from Adelaide)
GCFC26. Gold Coast (received from Essendon)
PORT27. Port Adelaide
NMFC28. North Melbourne
GCFC29. Gold Coast (received from Geelong)
SYD30. Sydney
ESS31. Essendon (received from Greater Western Sydney)
HAW32. Hawthorn
MELB33. Melbourne
SYD34. Sydney (received from Collingwood)
WCE35. West Coast
RICH36. Richmond

ADEL37. Adelaide (received from Carlton)
GCFC38. Gold Coast
NMFC39. North Melbourne (received from St Kilda via on-trades)
BL40. Brisbane
GCFC41. Gold Coast (received from Fremantle)
WB42. Western Bulldogs
MELB43. Melbourne (received from Adelaide)
GWS44. Greater Western Sydney (received from Essendon)
PORT45. Port Adelaide
PORT46. Port Adelaide (received from North Melbourne)
GEEL47. Geelong
COLL48. Collingwood (received from Sydney)
GWS49. Greater Western Sydney 
HAW50. Hawthorn
MELB51. Melbourne
COLL52. Collingwood
NMFC53. North Melbourne (received from West Coast via on-trades)
GEEL54. Geelong (received from Richmond)

GEEL55. Geelong (received from Carlton)
GEEL56. Geelong (received from Gold Coast)
STK57. St Kilda
BL58. Brisbane
WB59. Western Bulldogs (received from Fremantle)
WB60. Western Bulldogs
STK61. St Kilda (received from Adelaide via on-trades)
ESS62. Essendon
STK63. St Kilda (received from Port Adelaide)
NMFC64. North Melbourne
CARL65. Carlton (received from Geelong)
SYD66. Sydney
GWS67. Greater Western Sydney 
WCE68. West Coast (received from Hawthorn via on-trades)
ADEL69. Adelaide (received from Melbourne)
COLL70. Collingwood
WCE71. received from West Coast
RICH72. Richmond

CARL73. Carlton
GCFC74. Gold Coast
STK75. St Kilda
BL76. Brisbane
FRE77. Fremantle
WB78. Western Bulldogs
ADEL79. Adelaide
ESS80. Essendon
PORT81. Port Adelaide
NMFC82. North Melbourne
GEEL83. Geelong
SYD84. Sydney
GWS85. Greater Western Sydney 
HAW86. Hawthorn
MELB87. Melbourne
COLL88. Collingwood
WCE89. received from West Coast
RICH90. Richmond


1. 300019. 94837. 48355. 20773. 9
2. 251720. 91238. 46556. 19474. -
3. 223421. 87839. 44657. 182 
4. 203422. 84540. 42958. 170 
5. 187823. 81541. 41259. 158 
6. 175124. 78542. 39560. 146 
7. 164425. 75643. 37861. 135 
8. 155126. 72944. 36262. 123 
9. 146927. 70345. 34763. 112 
10. 139528. 67746. 33164. 101 
11. 132929. 65347. 31665. 90 
12. 126830. 62948. 30266. 80 
13. 121231. 60649. 28767. 69 
14. 116132. 58450. 27368. 59 
15. 111233. 56351. 25969. 49 
16. 106734. 54252. 24670. 39 
17. 102535. 52253. 23371. 29 
18. 98536. 50254. 22072. 19