ADELAIDE coach Don Pyke doesn't regret the club's contentious Gold Coast training camp, but acknowledges not all players enjoyed the experience.

Reports emerged this week that some senior players were still distressed after going through intensive emotional and mental training.

"There was a fair degree of inaccuracy in the reports, and for us it was a camp which we went on based on areas we wanted to get better," Pyke said.

"I'll never be an apologist for us trying to improve.

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"The mental space is a space where you're seeing a fair chunk of the clubs are working in.

"We've been in that space for a couple of years.

"The camp was an opportunity for us to get better, so we went on it and it was what it was."

Pyke declined to provide clarity on the camp, including why senior players were separated from the rest of the squad.

"I'm not going to go into detail about what was inaccurate," he said.

"To be honest, part of that is for us internally.

"That's a space we're operating in, there's a competitive advantage associated with what we're doing.

"It's interesting that, the reality in our world is that training, whether it be physical or mental, there's components within the program which are challenging.

"We've all been there as players and all we've done is we've taken our players, given them an opportunity to get better in the mental space and put them through some activities which brought a sense of togetherness, brought a sense of vulnerability, and actually work on that space to make them better players.

"The reality is, you don't keep 100 per cent of the people happy, 100 per cent of the time."

Pyke said the club hadn't received any negative feedback from the AFL Players' Association.

"None of our players either before or after the camp have spoken to the AFLPA, and our internal discussions with our players is not flagging those things, so we move on," he said.

"There's always learnings out of everything we do, that's the same in the case of the camp.

"But I would say to you, if I brought in a selection of players, the majority of players walked away from the camp going, a wonderful experience, got a lot out of it and they're now able to now put that into their life and into their football, so that sort of speaks to me."

Skipper Taylor Walker told Triple M on Tuesday he found the camp to be a positive experience.

"The camp we went on with footy was personally one of the most beneficial and rewarding camps I've ever been on," Walker said.

"I'd encourage my best mates and family members to do the same.

"There was elements of the camp we delved into that (tested) the mental side (of the players), but we think we can get an advantage over the other teams in the competition."