A day after Richmond coach Damien Hardwick labelled the controversial score review system "deplorable" and "an embarrassment to our game", the AFL has conceded it needs some tweaking.

Hardwick delivered a scathing attack on the score review system during his post-match media conference on Saturday, perplexed by the decision to overturn a seemingly obvious Jack Higgins goal during the third term of Richmond's clash with St Kilda.

AFL general manager of football Steven Hocking could sympathise with Hardwick after the Tigers also copped a tough call in the round six win over Collingwood.

"I've got a bit of sympathy for them because there's no doubt the Tigers have been on the wrong end of a number of those at the MCG this year. I can understand his frustration around it," Hocking said on 3AW. 

"We've definitely got the basis of a good system, but it needs some work."

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In referencing the overturned Higgins goal on Saturday, Hardwick said post-match: "So why do we wait? Why don't we just go back to the centre? He's called a goal. We're asked to trust and respect the umpires, how about we back the goal umpire in and then we go back to the centre?

"And if you haven't figured it out by that stage just let the game go. Momentum in sport is a wonderful thing," 

"I sit there and I still don't know how it got turned over. Seriously, it's an embarrassment to our game. I reckon it really is. The technology is deplorable."

Hocking went on to outline the major issues with the current system.

"They (the reviewers) have access to different vision and I think that’s sort of where the disconnect at times happens. They tend to take it from a wider camera angle, whereas the broadcast feed is the camera that’s really close to the ball and it can distort the view of that," Hocking explained.

"I understand Damian … and acknowledge even fans and also the football industry that there's a bit of frustration around it.

"We've been very clear with the goal umpires that whatever their decision is, unless it's overwhelmingly obvious, you don't change it. We've communicated that to the score reviewers, and clearly we need to continue to do that."

When asked if Richmond was robbed of a goal in its win over the Saints, Hocking said: "No, they weren't. If you're looking at what you've seen, it's a different angle. We'll clear that up during the week."