A "SURPRISED" Kane Cornes has responded to Richmond coach Damien Hardwick's blunt post-match remarks, saying he was well within his rights to question the Tigers' complacency on Saturday night.

During the second quarter of the St Kilda-Richmond clash, Cornes tweeted: "If a top four side concedes 32 inside 50s in 45mins of play it means you've got ahead of yourself. No other explanation."

Cornes, who played in a premiership with Hardwick at Port Adelaide, stood by his assessment on Sunday.

"I think I've made some comments about Richmond in the last 18 months that he [Hardwick] hasn't been happy with," Cornes told Channel Nine.

"But rightly so, they've been poor for over 10 years (and) they haven't won a final since 2001.

"The fact they got ahead of themselves, I can't think of another explanation. Coming into that game, everyone thought the Tigers were going to win.

"Last week after the game (against Port Adelaide), Damien Hardwick said 'the best is yet to come' and then they serve that up."

On Saturday night, Hardwick did not mince his words when alerted to Cornes' tweet during his media conference.

"Seriously, I'd love to see Kane. I'd really love to see Kane," Hardwick said after his side's 67-point loss to the Saints.

"Don't get me wrong, that's his job – he's there to write shit comments."

Asked whether Cornes' observation deserved any "credibility", Hardwick instantly replied: "Please."

Cornes said the tone Hardwick adopted post-match was unexpected.

"I was surprised with the language he used," Cornes said.

"I haven't seen him or any other coach swear in a post-match press conference. But let's not take that comment away from what the story should be (and that is) … Richmond was so poor and they have got questions to ask. He should be asking those questions.

"They aren't the first side to get ahead of themselves. Lots of sides have done it before and they'll do it again. If you come in just a fraction off, thinking it's going to happen … then serve up 43 inside 50s in a half of footy, what does that say about your club?"