BACHAR Houli has contacted Jed Lamb to apologise for the swinging arm that ended the Carlton forward's game on Sunday.

"I texted him last night, obviously feeling remorse about it," the Richmond defender told on Monday morning.  

"He texted back, obviously said, 'It's all good mate, a bit rattled', but the good thing is that he's stable which is good and that's the most important thing," he said.  

Houli denied the contact was intentional.

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"Absolutely not, that's unlike me, I've been playing for 11 years and I've never had an incident like that in my life, I should say, not only my footy career," he said.

The Match Review Panel is meeting on Monday to discuss the weekend's incidents.

"The outcome's the outcome, the most important thing is hopefully he's feeling OK," Houli said. 

Houli is due to greet Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull at an event at Punt Road on Monday afternoon.