IT WAS an intense Telstra AFL Trade Period and there were clearly some winners and losers during the week and a half.

Who came out on top and who just couldn't get the players they were chasing? We give each club a score out of 10 for their performance and rank them from worst to best.



In: Eddie Betts, Marc Pittonet, pick No.57, pick No.70
Out: Andrew Phillips, pick No.48, pick No.72, 2020 round four pick
2019 draft picks: 9, 43, 57, 70, 85 

What they couldn't get done: The Blues loomed as big trade winners when Jack Martin and Tom Papley nominated them, but neither player joined them before the deadline. They refused to accept Gold Coast's terms for Martin – effectively sliding from pick nine to 15, as well as other picks – while the Papley deal depended on Joe Daniher getting to the Swans.

Verdict: Carlton will sweat until draft time now, when it will be desperate to scoop up Martin and salvage that situation. But you can't overlook the fact the Blues didn't land their two top targets. – Marc McGowan

Rating: 2/10
Rank: 18th


Adelaide Crows

In: Billy Frampton, pick No.37, pick No.45, pick No.49 (Ellis-Yolmen compensation), 2020 round two pick (Western Bulldogs), 2020 round four pick (Carlton), 2020 round four pick (Gold Coast)
Out: Eddie Betts, Cam Ellis-Yolmen, Hugh Greenwood, Sam Jacobs, Josh Jenkins, Alex Keath, 2020 round three pick
2019 draft picks: 4, 23, 28, 37, 45, 49

What they couldn't get done: The Crows haven't improved their draft hand to the extent they would have liked. They targeted the Bulldogs' pick 13 but couldn't shake it loose and the highest picks they brought in were 37 and a future round two selection. Their pick four could look very different between now and draft night.

Verdict: The Crows deliberately cleaned house – this wasn't an exodus – but would have wanted to score a higher return. Frampton was the only player in and the incoming picks aren't spectacular. – Marc McGowan

Rating: 3/10
Rank: 17th

Billy Frampton will become just the sixth player to run out for both the Power and Crows. Picture: AFL Photos

Sydney Swans

In: Lewis Taylor, pick No.32, pick No.76, 2020 round three pick (Fremantle)
Out: Darcy Cameron, Zak Jones, pick No.54, pick No.62, pick No.63, 2020 round four pick
2019 draft picks: 5, 25, 32, 44, 76, 81

What they couldn't get done: The story of the trade period was the Swans' chase for Joe Daniher, which ultimately proved unsuccessful. It was up to Sydney to get that deal done after enticing Daniher to nominate them as his new preferred home, but the Swans weren't willing to give up a player so the deal fell over. They will return again next year when he becomes a free agent and it will be a fascinating story to follow in 2020. The Tom Papley deal became intertwined with the Daniher offer as well, Papley will head back to the Swans having been unable to get his wish to return to Victoria, and Daniher unhappy his wish to become a Swan didn't eventuate.   

Verdict: Taylor will offer some depth to the Swans' midfield and small forward stocks, while getting pick 32 as part of the Jones deal was about right. But the Swans will be measured on their ability to get Daniher, one of the competition's best tall forwards, and they were unable to get it across the line despite his commitment to go. – Callum Twomey

Rating: 3.5/10
Rank: 16th

Joe Daniher will remain a Bomber after failing to secure a trade to Sydney. Picture: AFL Photos


Port Adelaide

In: Pick No.12, pick No.18, 2020 round three pick (St Kilda), 2020 round four pick (GWS)
Out: Billy Frampton, Dougal Howard, Paddy Ryder, pick No.10, 2020 round four pick
2019 draft picks: 12, 18, 29, 66, 67, 68, 71, 86

What they couldn't get done: Watching Orazio Fantasia stay at Essendon was a blow to the hopes of a new-look forward line. It means Sam Gray – who wanted a trade away – is a chance to walk back in and assume a small forward role.

Verdict: Paddy Ryder is replaceable, but Dougal Howard's departure will cause headaches to the key position stocks especially after Billy Frampton walked out. They'll want to nail picks 12 and 18 at the draft. – Mitch Cleary

Rating: 4.5/10
Rank: 15th

The Power missed out on Orazio Fantasia after he decided to stay at the Bombers. Picture: AFL Photos


In: Darcy Cameron, pick No.62, 2020 round two pick (St Kilda), 2020 round four pick (St Kilda)
Out: James Aish, pick No.56, pick No.69, 2020 round three pick
2019 draft picks: 35, 62, 74 

What they couldn't get done: The Pies would have liked to perhaps move more players from their salary cap, clearing space for what looms as a big year of re-signings in 2020. James Aish left, but Mason Cox, Matt Scharenberg and Tom Phillips were also mentioned as possible departures only to remain at the club.

Verdict: The question Collingwood fans will be left asking is – did we improve? Darcy Cameron gives the Pies ruck depth, but whether he can fill a key forward role on a consistent basis is another question. - Riley Beveridge

Rating: 5/10
Rank: 14th

Ruckman Darcy Cameron joined the Pies from Sydney. Picture: AFL Photos

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In: Pick No.39 (Ellis compensation), No.56
Out: Brandon Ellis, Dan Butler
2019 draft picks: 19, 38, 39, 41, 56, 75, 77, 95

What they couldn't get done: No other free agents like Tom Lynch lying around? The Tigers planned for very little fresh off another flag. Plus, Alex Rance will be the competition's best recruit in 2020. 

Verdict: No need to add to a premiership side that had Rance, Sydney Stack, Jack Graham, Jack Higgins and Riley Collier-Dawkins watching from the stands. Would've loved a top-20 pick as compensation for Brandon Ellis, but he and Dan Butler are replaceable. – Mitch Cleary

Rating: 5/10
Rank: 13th

The Tigers let premiership player Dan Butler go to the Saints. Picture: AFL Photos

North Melbourne

In: Aiden Bonar, pick No.26, pick No.50, 2020 round one pick (Melbourne), 2020 round four pick (Melbourne)
Out: Pick No.8, 2020 round three pick
2019 draft picks: 26, 27, 47, 50, 73, 84

What they couldn't get done: The Kangaroos had interest in defender Dougal Howard and forward Tom Papley, but ultimately both players favoured moves to rival clubs. Otherwise, things were pretty quiet across the trade period for Rhyce Shaw and his team.

Verdict: The Roos will be rapt with getting Aiden Bonar for virtually nothing, given he was the 11th pick in the draft just two years ago. They secured two extra picks courtesy of a swap of selections with the Demons, which should be seen as a positive – albeit a bit of a risk, given they also switched first-round picks. - Riley Beveridge

Rating: 6/10
Rank: 12th

The Kangaroos added big-bodied midfielder Aiden Bonar to their list. Picture: AFL Photos

Brisbane Lions

In: Callum Ah Chee, Grant Birchall, Cam Ellis-Yolmen, pick No.48, pick No.52, pick No.72, 2020 round three pick (Essendon)
Out: Tom Cutler, Lewis Taylor, pick No.46, pick No.91, 2020 round two pick, 2020 round four pick
2019 draft picks: 16, 21, 34, 48, 52, 55, 72

What they couldn't get done: Jamie Elliott toured the Lions before the start of the trade and free agency period, but they couldn't lure the Collingwood goalkicker up to the Gabba. The Lions also dangled an opportunity in front of Adelaide's Brodie Smith, although that didn't progress far, with both Smith and Elliott remaining with their own clubs.

Verdict: The Lions shored up their half-back line with Ah Chee and Birchall, and grabbed Ellis-Yolmen as a big-bodied midfielder to support their budding young onball group. They gave up two picks to land Ah Chee from the Gold Coast and they have high hopes for the speedy defender despite an injury-hit 2018 campaign. Brisbane only lost two fringe players, so overall its list improved. – Callum Twomey

Rating: 6/10
Rank: 11th

Gold Coast Suns

In: Brandon Ellis, Hugh Greenwood, Zac Smith, 2020 round two pick (Brisbane), 2020 round four pick (Brisbane)
Out: Callum Ah Chee, pick No.58, 2020 round three pick, 2020 round four pick
2019 draft picks: 1, 2, 15, 20, 78, 90

What they couldn't get done: Brad Crouch was on the Suns' radar, but that never got quite to the point of negotiation as Gold Coast circled the Adelaide midfielder. Gold Coast was interested in Eddie Betts, offering him a long-term deal, before he decided to head back to Carlton, while they weren't able to get a first-round pick for Jack Martin, who wanted to head to the Blues. They could now lose him for nothing in the national or pre-season draft.

Verdict: It was a good period for the Suns. Their long-term offer for Ellis will see them add a very reliable and consistent player to their midfield and they gave up nothing for the free agent. They added 'best 22' players, with Greenwood also set to be a strong addition. Smith offers ruck back-up in his return to the Suns, while they were able to get two selections out of Ah Chee. The Suns targeted higher quality players this year and will benefit. – Callum Twomey

Rating: 6.5/10
Rank: 10th

The Suns circled Crows star Brad Crouch but never got a deal going. Picture: AFL Photos

GWS Giants

In: Sam Jacobs, pick No.6, pick No.40 (Tomlinson compensation), pick No.59, 2020 round three pick (North Melbourne)
Out: Aiden Bonar, Jonathon Patton, Adam Tomlinson, pick No.12, pick No.18, 2020 round four selection
2019 draft picks: 6, 40, 59, 60, 80, 94

What they couldn't get done: Moved from pick 12 to pick six but weren't able to get any higher as planned. Expecting a bid to come for Academy prospect Tom Green around 4-6, the Giants will use the pre-draft window to try and swap picks.

Verdict: Get a No.1 ruckman in Sam Jacobs for next to nothing to address a major deficiency from 2020. Moving money tied to Jon Patton and Aiden Bonar will prove crucial in the next 12 months when deals need to be struck for Jeremy Cameron, Zac Williams and Lachie Whitfield. – Mitch Cleary

Rating: 6.5/10
Rank: 9th

Sam Jacobs will add depth to the Giants' ruck division. Picture: AFL Photos

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In: Sam Frost, Jonathon Patton, pick No.42, pick No.54, pick No.63 
Out: Grant Birchall, Marc Pittonet, pick No.50, 2020 round two pick 
2019 draft picks: 11, 30, 42, 54, 63, 87, 92

What they couldn't get done: There's no big fish here but the Hawks were ruthlessly efficient again. They changed tack mid-Trade Period when they offered Birchall a contract after initially saying they would wait until afterwards but he still left for the Lions. Losing Pittonet wasn't part of the plan, so Ben McEvoy's backline experiment might be shelved.

Verdict: Another tick for Graham Wright and co. Patton comes with big upside for very little risk in a forward line that needs another target. Fairly quiet but successful and little fuss. – Marc McGowan

Rating: 6.5/10
Rank: 8th

The Hawks got their man with big forward Jonathon Patton joining the club. Picture: AFL Photos


In: Blake Acres, James Aish, pick No.10, pick No.22, pick No.58, pick No.69, pick No.79, 2020 round two pick (Melbourne), 2020 round three (Collingwood)
Out: Bradley Hill, Ed Langdon, pick No.26, 2020 round three pick, 2020 round four pick
2019 draft picks: 7, 10, 22, 58, 69, 79, 83

What they couldn't get done: The Dockers would have loved to be part of the Tim Kelly conversation, but were never in consideration as the classy midfielder set his sights on the Eagles. They were keen on Connor Menadue from the Tigers, but might still pick him up as a free agent should he still be delisted.

Verdict: Got a great haul for Bradley Hill, but lost a couple of crucial runners in both him and Ed Langdon. Blake Acres and James Aish are steals who the club gave up very little for, while it will still end up with two top-10 picks and perhaps a third first-round selection should it match an early bid for Academy prospect Liam Henry. - Riley Beveridge

Rating: 7/10
Rank: 7th

The Dockers brought in Blake Acres from St Kilda to fill a midfield void. Picture: AFL Photos

Geelong Cats

In: Josh Jenkins, Jack Steven, pick No.14, pick No.24, 2020 round one pick (West Coast), 2020 round three pick (Gold Coast)
Out: Tim Kelly, Zac Smith, pick No.57, 2020 round three pick
2019 draft picks: 14, 17, 24, 36, 93

What they couldn't get done: Most of the Cats' attempts came before the Trade Period with bids to land North Melbourne pair Shaun Higgins and Todd Goldstein. They also enquired on Brad Crouch but quickly found his asking price and both contract and trade value would be too much.

Verdict: Last year Chris Scott was digging his heels in on Tim Kelly on holidays from Massachusetts, this year he was meeting Josh Jenkins in New York to secure a bargain-basement trade. Landing Jack Steven for Zac Smith was a big win for a club in the premiership window. – Mitch Cleary

Rating: 7.5/10
Rank: 6th

Jack Steven got his wish to move down the highway to the Cattery. Picture: AFL Photos

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In: Ed Langdon, Adam Tomlinson, pick No.8, 2020 round two pick (Hawthorn), 2020 round four pick (Fremantle) 
Out: Sam Frost, pick No.22, pick No.42, pick No.61, pick No.79, 2020 round one pick, 2020 round two pick, 2020 round four pick 
2019 draft picks: 3, 8

What they couldn't get done: The Demons made clear a fair way out that they were open to 'splitting' their No.3 draft pick and nothing eventuated but there is still plenty of time for that. Chose not to upgrade their small forward stocks in the Trade Period and could look to do so with their extra top-10 pick now.

Verdict: So much depends on whether Melbourne can rebound into a finals or even premiership contender next year after the pick swap with the Roos. However, the Dees addressed their lack of run and happily traded Frost. –Marc McGowan

Rating: 7.5/10
Rank: 5th

Ed Langdon will add dash and pace to the Demons' midfield. Picture: AFL Photos


In: Tom Cutler, Andew Phillips, pick No.33, pick No.61, pick No.64
Out: Pick No.37, pick No.52, pick No.70, 2020 round three pick
2019 draft picks: 31, 33, 61, 64, 65, 88

What they couldn't get done: The Bombers held the upper hand in the negotiations with Joe Daniher and the Swans. Give us a player, they said, and we'll talk. The Swans were unwilling to do that and so the deal fell over, and the Bombers ended where they said they would at the start – with Daniher at the club next year. Essendon was linked to Aiden Bonar but in the end pulled out late in the piece. 

Verdict: If it was about retention, then Essendon nailed it. Orazio Fantasia contemplated a request to be traded back to South Australia but stuck with the Bombers, while Daniher is on board and expected to return from his groin surgery for the start of pre-season. Cutler adds some more depth as a running wingman and half-back, while Phillips gives back-up in the ruck. The Bombers' hardline trade tactics worked in their favour.  – Callum Twomey

Rating: 7.5/10
Rank: 4th

Western Bulldogs

In: Josh Bruce, Alex Keath, 2020 round three selection (Adelaide)
Out: Pick No.32, No.45, pick No.51, 2020 round two pick
2019 draft picks: 13, 53, 89

What they couldn't get done: Not much. They didn't improve their relationship with the Crows throughout the Keath negotiations, with the tense standoff continuing into the final hours. They were always going to have a sparse draft hand with the players they wanted to bring in.

Verdict: Bruce and Keath bolster the Dogs at opposite ends of the field in areas they were deficient in throughout season 2019. They are loading up for a premiership tilt next year and these additions will only help that, while they also held onto pick 13. – Marc McGowan

Rating: 7.5/10
Rank: 3rd

The Bulldogs gained another tall forward with Josh Bruce crossing from the Saints. Picture: AFL Photos

West Coast Eagles

In: Tim Kelly, pick No.46, pick No.91, 2020 round three selection (Geelong)
Out: Pick No.14, pick No.24, pick No.33, pick No.64, 2020 round one pick
2019 draft picks: 46, 91

What they couldn't get done: There was little the Eagles were even interested in after securing Tim Kelly from the Cats. That was their main priority and, unlike last year, they got him. Crucially, they also got him early.

Verdict: Ultimately, West Coast secured the best player to move during this year's trade period in Tim Kelly. Some have said they might have overpaid for the midfielder, but you get what you pay for and he is a star. The Eagles will be better for having Kelly on their side. – Riley Beveridge

Rating: 8/10
Rank: 2nd

Tim Kelly finally got his wish to move to West Coast. Picture: AFL Photos

St Kilda

In: Dan Butler, Bradley Hill, Dougal Howard, Zak Jones, Paddy Ryder, pick No.51, 2020 round four pick (Sydney), 2020 round four pick (Port Adelaide)
Out: Blake Acres, Josh Bruce, Jack Steven, pick No.6, pick No.59, pick No.76, 2020 round two pick, 2020 round three pick, 2020 round four pick
2019 draft picks: 51, 82

What they couldn't get done: Next to nothing. Only failure was bringing in something higher than pick 58 for Jack Steven. Seeing Ben King re-sign at Gold Coast was a blow for future plans.  

Verdict: Massive tick to land five first-choice players in – including an A-grade wingman in Hill, and 10-year full-back in Howard – without touching next year's first pick. If Max King and Paddy Ryder can fill the void left by Josh Bruce straight away, then finals are on the cards. – Mitch Cleary

Rating: 8.5/10
Rank: 1st

The Saints were the big winners, landing five players including Brad Hill. Picture: AFL Photos