Key dates for the NAB AFL Trade Period

GREATER Western Sydney will take selection No.2 to the NAB AFL Draft after exchanging picks 3 and 16 to the Brisbane Lions for the prized pick and a bunch of later selections.

The Lions handed over picks No.2, 31, 51 and 60 in exchange for pick No.3 and No.16 in the NAB AFL Draft.

The Giants have been keen to push as near to the top of the draft as possible to increase the likelihood of securing a player before having to use points to secure their two Academy graduates Will Setterfield and Harry Perryman.

The Lions now have three selections in the first 19 picks and will potentially secure a first-round pick from Gold Coast for Pearce Hanley as it looks to start anew under Chris Fagan.

Indicative draft order: What picks will your club take to the draft

The Giants may use selection No.2 on running defender Andy McGrath if he remains available after Essendon has used its No.1 draft pick.

Picks 31, 51 and 60 are also worth 1011 points collectively for the Giants as they look to secure their Academy graduates.

Brisbane Lions list manager Peter Schwab said it was likely they would use their picks at the draft, and the club had several players in mind when using its first selection. 

"We want to add talent to our list and build a team that can win our next Premiership," he said.

"This trade means we can still secure the young player we want with our first pick, but we get the added benefit of then having picks 16, 19 and 21 – all really early in a draft that has plenty of talent we've identified to suit our needs.

"Our aim as a club is to become relevant again and this trade is the first small step in a clearly defined strategy for the coming years that we have laid down internally to make us better."