RICHMOND defender Bachar Houli has revealed the wrist injury that has sidelined him for the past six weeks first occurred two years ago.

Houli, who will revisit his surgeon on Monday, underwent surgery in May to have a screw inserted in his left wrist after an incident at training brought the problem to the surface.

Although his original injury did not require surgery and passed quickly, the experienced half-back said he could trace the latest problem back to a match against Greater Western Sydney in 2014.

"It occurred about two years ago but the injury was very minor at the time," Houli told  

"It was a GWS game and I got pushed after I kicked and landed on it … for three or four weeks it was painful but then it went away.

"About four weeks prior to injuring it at training (this year) I was starting to feel it so I was taping my wrist.

"Then that session at training … I basically got tackled and fell to the ground and tried to brace myself by putting my hand out."

Houli was originally expected to miss eight to 10 weeks and is on track to return at the longer end of that timeline.

The 28-year-old will receive a report from his surgeon on Monday before taking the next step in his rehab.

"Once he gives me the all-clear I'll progress and do some sort of ball-handling," he said.

"I started kicking the footy with the team Tuesday, but I can't mark the footy.

"So I've actually got two coaches with me, one on the side marking the footy and the other one I'm kicking to.

"I hope I can get back in three to four weeks. I've had enough time on the sidelines."

Houli described his past six weeks as a mini pre-season, given the high running component, and said his fitness levels had improved as a result.

After taking a mental break following surgery, he has tried to stay involved with his teammates and stave off the loneliness of rehab by mentoring the club's young defenders. 

"I've taken couple of boys under my wing, the guys who play off half-back – Nathan Drummond, Corey Ellis and Connor Menadue," he said.

"If I can teach them one or two things that I've learnt over the years then hopefully we'll have more players who are versatile and can run through that role."

The injury has also given Houli, who is fasting for Ramadan, more time to spend on his multicultural programs, including the Bachar Houli Islamic Schools Cup.

"We start the Bachar Houli Cup in about three weeks' time and that's stepped up as well," he said.

"We've got 10 schools involved, from grade five and six and all secondary students.

"Hopefully we can keep locating those players that we need to work on and give them every possible chance of making it to the highest level."