A TRIAL of 16 players per side at AFL level appears more likely than ever before. 

AFL football operations general manager Mark Evans has confirmed he would like to see an experiment take place, either in intra-club or practice matches.

"Sixteen-a-side or 15-a-side has been thrown up, among other things," Evans said on SEN Radio on Tuesday night. 

"There are some coaches who think that would seriously help the game, and there are others, traditionalists, who would say just leave it as it is.

"I'm quite keen that somehow or someway that we ought look at it.

"Whether that's just through club intra-club practice matches or training sessions or in something like the NAB Challenge, I'm open to that discussion.

The AFL trialled 16-a-side in last Saturday night's All-Stars women's exhibition match at Whitten Oval. 

Geelong coach Chris Scott said last week on Fox Footy he was in favour of trialling fewer players on the field in a bid to reduce congestion.

"We play 16v16 a lot (at training) and it changes the game," Scott said.

"So if the primary concern is reducing congestion, it is the simplest and probably the most effective method. 

"If we just rolled out 16-a-side and didn't tell the supporters, they wouldn't know, all they'd see is that the game flows a bit better."