WELL there it is, after all the highs and lows there can be only one premiership coach. Hopefully if it wasn't you, the winner of your League is less annoying than Calvin after he got the job done in our League following 11 years of mediocracy.  

Fantasy Pig

Way to step up on the big stage. There was certainly a standout for the 'Pig Smith Medal' this year after Nick Riewoldt produced a record-breaking masterpiece to get his coaches over the line. As an owner, it was like when Andy Dufresne played the record for the inmates over the PA in Shawshank Redemption, breathtaking and beautiful. As predicted on our Podcast, Voldt surpassed 20 marks with 21, to go with nine goals on his way to pumping out a whopping 200 points, and 400 for those who took a punt on him as captain.

Honourable mention: Coming in under an injury cloud, enough so that some coaches traded him out (hopefully to Voldt) Lance Franklin was outstanding, with 17 kicks, 11 marks and seven goals, four behinds to score 140. He certainly showed no signs of the soreness that restricted him to last week’s 30-point disaster that ended the season for many of his owners. 

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Fantasy Prestigiacomo

While his teammate was a match-winner, the opposite can't be said for Leigh Montagna. Despite ticking all boxes in terms of form, average vs opponent and history at the venue, it didn't equate to the output expected after 22 possessions, six marks and only one tackle for 72. Many coaches were tossing a coin before lockout between Montagna and Riewoldt and no one would have predicted that it was a 128-point toss.

Honourable mention:Speaking of good match-ups, Lachie Hunter was expected to be back to his best against the Dockers, making the most of the open spaces at Subiaco for one of his double figure mark performances. Unfortunately, he only took two on his way to a disappointing 70, over 30 below his average.

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The easiest Piglet nomination of the year comes in Grand Final week with a performance that is beyond anything we have ever seen from a second-game player. Thinking back to earlier in the year, I was happy when my rookies reached 50, let alone what it would have been like to watch Brayden Fiorini tick the score over after collecting 32 possessions, taking seven marks, laying 12 tackles and kicking two goals for 166. Just ridiculous!

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The top 10 

Nick Riewoldt: 200
Brayden Fiorini: 166
Lance Franklin: 140
Tom Mitchell: 138
Danyle Pearce: 134
Garrick Ibbotson: 132
Jake Lloyd: 131
Josh P. Kennedy: 131
Robbie Gray: 130 Stephen Hill: 129

Fantasy Mailbag

Very tough call here! So many good arguments for each player. Tune in to the Podcast for the inaugural Swanny Medal announcement.

Cheers mate, it’s a pleasure

It’s not good Kate… Have to put your energy into Match Day now.

Great work mate! Make sure you and the boys behave. Cheers for an amazing 2016 ladies and gents! It’s been a blast. Make sure you stay tuned for all the Match Day coverage and get involved in the games throughout the Finals.

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