FOOTY fans will have the chance to take part in kick-to-kick on the ground after the final siren at nearly half of all home-and-away games this season.

In a significant boost to the popular activity, supporters across Australia will be allowed onto the playing arena after 96 matches as part of the League's continued 'Sunday Funday' push. 

Children under 15 will again be given free general admission entry to MCG and Etihad Stadium matches on Sundays, provided they are accompanied by an adult.

"One of our major objectives over the past 18 months has been to improve the accessibility and affordability of attending matches," AFL general manager of clubs and operations Travis Auld said. 

"Free entry for children under 15 on Sundays at Etihad Stadium and the MCG makes attending the football really affordable for families at a really appealing time-slot, and this proved a great success in 2015."

Kick-to-kick will start in round one and will be available to fans after games in every state and territory. 

"There is no doubt our fans love the tradition of having a kick on the ground after the final siren," Auld said.

"With close to half the matches during the home-and-away season including this opportunity, it shows that the AFL and our stadium partners are committed to continuing this tradition.

"We appreciate our partners accommodating this initiative while also balancing the need to prepare their grounds to such high standards.” 

Due to the difficulty maintaining surfaces in winter, kick-to-kick won't be available after games at the MCG or Etihad Stadium in June or July.

Full 2016 schedule of kick-to-kick games

 MCG - Eight matches
RoundDateMatchLocal time
2Sunday, April 3Hawthorn v West Coast3.20pm
4Sunday, April 17Collingwood v Melbourne 3.20pm
6Sunday, May 1Carlton v Essendon3.20pm
8Sunday, May 15Melbourne v Western Bulldogs 3.20pm
10Sunday, May 29Collingwood v Western Bulldogs3.20pm
20Sunday, August 7Carlton v St Kilda1.10pm
21Sunday, August 14 Richmond v Geelong3.20pm
22Sunday, August 21Carlton v Melbourne1.10pm
 Etihad Stadium - 12 matches
RoundDateMatchLocal time
1Sunday, March 27Western Bulldogs v Fremantle1.10pm
2Sunday, April 3Carlton v Sydney Swans 4.40pm
3Sunday, April 10Western Bulldogs v Hawthorn3.20pm
4Sunday, April 17 North Melbourne v Fremantle 4.40pm
5Sunday, April 24St Kilda v GWS 1.10pm
7Sunday, May 8St Kilda v North Melbourne 3.20pm
8Sunday, May 15Carlton v Port Adelaide 1.10pm
9Sunday, May 22St Kilda v Essendon4.40pm 
10Sunday, May 29 Carlton v Geelong 1.10pm 
20Sunday, August 7 Geelong v Essendon 3.20pm 
21Sunday, August 14 Essendon v Gold Coast 1.10pm
22Sunday, August 21 Essendon v Western Bulldogs 4.40pm  
 Simonds Stadium (Geelong) - Eight matches
RoundDateMatchLocal time
3Sunday, April 10Geelong v Brisbane Lions4.40pm
6Saturday, April 30Geelong v Gold Coast7.25pm
7Saturday, May 7Geelong v West Coast2.10pm
11Saturday, June 4Geelong v GWS4.35pm
16Friday, July 8Geelong v Sydney Swans 7.50pm
18Saturday, July 23Geelong v Adelaide7.25pm
19Friday, July 29Geelong v Western Bulldogs 7.50pm
23TBCGeelong v MelbourneTBC
 Aurora Stadium (Launceston) - Four matches
RoundDateMatchLocal time
4Saturday, April 16Hawthorn v St Kilda2.10pm
8Saturday, May 14Hawthorn v Fremantle2.10pm
14Sunday, June 26Hawthorn v Gold Coast3.20pm
19Saturday, July 30Hawthorn v Carlton2.10pm 
 Blundstone Arena (Hobart) - Three matches
RoundDateMatchLocal time
3Sunday, April 10North Melbourne v Melbourne1.10pm
11Friday, June 3North Melbourne v Richmond7.50pm
22Saturday, August 20North Melbourne v Sydney Swans1.45pm
 SCG - Eight matches
RoundDateMatchLocal time
1Saturday, March 26Sydney Swans v Collingwood7.25pm
3Saturday, April 9Sydney Swans v GWS4.35pm
5Saturday, April 23Sydney Swans v West Coast1.40pm
7Saturday, May 7Sydney Swans v Essendon4.35pm
13Sunday, June 19Sydney Swans v Melbourne1.10pm
15Saturday, July 2Sydney Swans v Western Bulldogs4.35pm
18Saturday, July 23Sydney Swans v Carlton1.45pm
20Saturday, August 6Sydney Swans v Port Adelaide1.45pm
 Spotless Stadium (GWS) - Eight matches
RoundDateMatchLocal time
6Saturday, April 30GWS v Hawthorn4.35pm
8Saturday, May 14GWS v Gold Coast4.35pm
9Sunday, May 22GWS v Western Bulldogs3.20pm
12Sunday, June 12GWS v Sydney Swans4.40pm
14Saturday, June 25GWS v Carlton4.35pm
16Saturday, July 9GWS v Collingwood1.40pm
21Saturday, August 13GWS v West Coast4.35pm
22Saturday, August 20GWS v Fremantle4.35pm
 Manuka Oval (Canberra) - Three matches
RoundDateMatchLocal time
2Sunday, April 3GWS v Geelong1.10pm
4Sunday, April 17GWS v Port Adelaide1.10pm
19Saturday, July 30GWS v Richmond1.45pm
 Metricon Stadium (Gold Coast) - 11 matches
RoundDateMatchLocal time
1Saturday, March 26Gold Coast v Essendon3.35pm
3Saturday, April 9Gold Coast v Carlton7.25pm
5Saturday, April 23Gold Coast v North Melbourne4.35pm
7Saturday, May 7Gold Coast v Melbourne5.10pm
9Saturday, May 21Gold Coast v Adelaide2.10pm
11Saturday, June 4Gold Coast v Sydney Swans7.25pm
15Saturday, July 2Gold Coast v St Kilda 1.40pm
16Saturday, July 9Gold Coast v Brisbane Lions4.35pm 
18Saturday, July 23Gold Coast v Fremantle 2.10pm 
20Saturday, August 6 Gold Coast v GWS4.35pm 
23TBCGold Coast v Port AdelaideTBC
 Cazaly's Stadium (Cairns) - one match
RoundDateMatchLocal time
17Saturday, July 16Western Bulldogs v Gold Coast7.25pm
 The Gabba - 11 matches
RoundDateMatchLocal time
2Saturday, April 2Brisbane Lions v North Melbourne3.35pm
4Saturday, April 16Brisbane Lions v Gold Coast4.35pm
6Sunday, May 1Brisbane Lions v Sydney Swans1.10pm
8Saturday, May 14Brisbane Lions v Collingwood7.25pm
10Saturday, May 28Brisbane Lions v Hawthorn1.45pm
12Saturday, June 11Brisbane Lions v Fremantle4.35pm
13Saturday, June 18Brisbane Lions v West Coast 1.40pm
17Sunday, July 17Brisbane Lions v GWS4.40pm 
19Saturday, July 30Brisbane Lions v Port Adelaide 7.25pm 
21Saturday, August 13Brisbane Lions v Carlton1.45pm 
22Sunday, August 21Brisbane Lions v Geelong3.20pm
 Adelaide Oval - Seven matches
RoundDateMatchLocal time
1Sunday, March 27Port Adelaide v St Kilda2.50pm
2Saturday, April 2Adelaide v Port Adelaide 1.15pm
6Saturday, April 30Adelaide v Fremantle1.40pm
9Saturday, May 21Port Adelaide v West Coast4.05pm
12Saturday, June 11Port Adelaide v Western Bulldogs1.10pm
18Sunday, July 24Port Adelaide v GWS4.10pm
23TBCAdelaide v West CoastTBC 
 Domain Stadium (Perth) - 10 matches
RoundDateMatchLocal time
5Sunday, April 24Fremantle v Carlton2.10pm
6Sunday, May 1West Coast v Collingwood2.40pm
8Sunday, May 15West Coast v St Kilda2.40pm
10Sunday, May 29West Coast v Gold Coast2.40pm
12Saturday, June 11West Coast v Adelaide5.40pm
13Saturday, June 18Fremantle v Port Adelaide2.35pm
16Sunday, July 10West Coast v North Melbourne1.20pm
19Sunday, July 31Fremantle v Sydney Swans1.20pm 
21Sunday, August 14Fremantle v Adelaide 2.40pm 
23TBCFremantle v Western BulldogsTBC 
 TIO Stadium (Darwin) - One match
RoundDateMatchLocal time
16Saturday, July 9Melbourne v Fremantle7.10pm
 TIO Traeger Park (Alice Springs) - One match
RoundDateMatchLocal time
10Saturday, May 28Melbourne v Port Adelaide1.40pm