WEST Coast premiership coach John Worsfold has no intention of coaching next year.

The newly appointed coaching director at West Lakes said his position at the club was that of a sounding board to acting senior coach Scott Camporeale and his assistants.

Camporeale was appointed as coach for the remainder of the season on Monday in the wake of Phil Walsh's death last Friday.

Worsfold said he wasn't interested in a full-time coaching position at Adelaide or any other club.

"I feel like I can manufacture enough time to commit through to the end of this footy season, by that point I think Adelaide will be really clear on where they're heading and I'll disappear into the sunset,” Worsfold said.

"It's not on my radar to be involved in AFL footy full-time in the near future, so at this stage I'd say no but I'm not really looking that far ahead."

As an advisor for Camporeale as well as David Teague, Matthew Clarke and Darren Milburn, Worsfold said he'd draw on 12 years of coaching experience.

Worsfold and Walsh were good friends stemming from Walsh's time at West Coast from 2009-2013; Walsh invited his former mentor to West Lakes earlier this season and the pair spoke as recently as last week.

Worsfold will base himself in Adelaide for the remainder of the year but stressed his position – both on game day and during the week – was one of support.

"I'm not here to bring any ideas around game plan, they've been working on that all summer, all season – I'll be just listening to hear if their messaging is consistent," he said.

"Adelaide have a pretty young and inexperienced coaching group who had a very strong person in charge…they don't have that now and I think I can offer some insight.

"I know what Phil would have been trying to achieve and how he would have gone about doing that.

"Adelaide Footy Club are on a pretty strong pathway that Phil put in place and it's a strong focus to maintain that pathway."