COULD Harley Bennell's latest off-field indiscretion be the final insult to his now former club, with his trade value tumbling thanks to the West Australian's litany of troubles?

On Monday, the Suns announced they'd trade the super talented 22-year-old after Bennell fell victim to yet another after-hours misdemeanour.

In the big scheme of things, his run-in with a Surfers Paradise bouncer on Sunday night was pretty minor, but when you're effectively on a last warning, it was plain stupid.

Gold Coast had spoken as early as last pre-season about the possibility of trading Bennell.

He made its decision easy.

Two alcohol-related infringements, the photos taken of him in 2013 snorting drugs, and now the latest incident – there could be only one outcome.

Bennell 'sorry' for drugs furore

But will the list of infringements cost the Suns at the trade table?

Bennell was taken at pick No.2 in the 2010 AFL Draft and has limitless talent on the footy field.

One list manager says despite losing the whip hand, the Suns could still demand a late first-round pick.

There is also a school of thought that clubs would trade a top-10 pick in exchange for Bennell and one of Gold Coast's later picks.

It currently has an end-of-first-round compensation pick and one early in the second round.

The more clubs involved, the better it is for Gold Coast, and it's believed up to four have enquired about him already. understands premier Hawthorn has cooled on Bennell, while St Kilda and Essendon had flagged some interest before the latest incident. 

Rodney Eade described Bennell earlier this year as a free spirit that played on instinct.

The two formed a strong relationship and Eade thought he could curb Bennell's off-field ways.

While there's short-term pain in losing such a talent, the outcome will ultimately work for both parties as the Suns continue to wage the ‘Culture War’ among their young group, and Bennell gets a much-needed fresh start.

Moving to the fishbowl environment of Melbourne could be best for him, giving him no scope to stray from club protocol.

Some Suns hierarchy believe a return to his home state of Western Australia would be the worst thing for Bennell.

The team that ends up with him gets a popular character among his teammates and someone capable of winning matches off his own boot.

He is a great runner, a better contested ball winner than given credit for, and among the best kicks in the competition.

If your culture is established and you have good leaders, there's a difference-maker waiting to be taken.

That alone will ensure the Suns ultimately get fair compensation for the troubled star.