IT TOOK a trip to Amsterdam for Adelaide coach Phil Walsh to understand the true value of frustration.

The Crows have struggled to string together four quarters for much of the 2015 season, with incomplete performances often spelling failure.

Recent final term-slumps let them down against both Fremantle in round nine and Hawthorn last Thursday.

In contrast, Adelaide was able to execute complete efforts in the opening two rounds, resulting in impressive victories over North Melbourne and Collingwood.

The inconsistency troubles Walsh, but just as Vincent van Gogh drew on internal torment to create stunning works of art, the Crows coach hopes his side's frustration will see it paint "masterpieces" in the second half of the season.

"I'll sound again a bit like a weirdo but great art comes out of a level of frustration," Walsh said.

"When I was in Amsterdam I did go to the Van Gogh Museum and I'm not an art critic …

"There's a man with great frustration and I looked at that painting Sunflowers and for a bogan from Hamilton like myself, I could actually see the beauty in that frustration.

"So although our fans are frustrated, we're frustrated, we like to think there's some masterpieces still to be painted this year." 

The inclusion of skipper Taylor Walker would certainly help the club's art against the Brisbane Lions on Saturday.

Walker has had a light week on the training track after suffering a corked thigh against the Hawks, but Walsh expected him to play. 

"We're confident he'll come up – hasn't done a lot during the week," he said. 

Emerging defender Jake Lever is also available for selection having overcome his ankle injury. 

However Walsh was happy with Kyle Hartigan's form against the Hawks, meaning Lever will likely return via the SANFL this weekend. 

Adelaide's major focus this weekend will be its tackling, after losing the count to the Hawks 75-56.

Walsh described Hawthorn's tackling method as the competition's standard.

"The thing that upset me on Thursday night was Hawthorn's ability to break our tackles and our inability to break theirs," he said.

"In saying that I've been quite happy with the tackling this year – we have spent a lot of time on it, we have seen some return but it's still not at that elite standard that we saw on Thursday night.

"When they need to step it up in a really important game they know how to bring it and that's what we need to get better at."