On March 30  this year, I made it clear publicly and to our industry that we needed to review our Illicit Drugs Policy.
I said at the time that the research we had suggested our policy was not working and it should be changed.
It is what I want, it is what the clubs want, and it is what the Players Association want.
I also said that we need to get the balance right between players rights - but also their responsibilities.
But today, we need to focus on the player who is on the front page of the paper and who needs the support of our industry. His welfare is our major concern today.
We can’t say that we care about making a difference to players lives and turn away when there is pressure.
Secondly, I want to say this about the Gold Coast Suns.
They are facing big challenges, -  I know this, and they know this.
They are challenges that many of our most successful and our oldest clubs have faced.
This club will get through the challenges and they will be stronger for it.
I have confidence in the club, and in their playing list, and where they are in the market.   
I want to reiterate – the welfare of the player today is our major concern, and this is our priority today.