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Fantasy ready: All you need for your round two team

The Traders' Fantasy preview: round two Prioritise fixing rookies before getting in the Pig, say Roy, Calvin and Warnie

FANTASY Classic coaches have two trades to use every week and in the early rounds they should be all about fixing mistakes.

Priority No.1 should focus around the rookies. The top cash cows are needed in every team to not only help make some money as you upgrade and downgrade later in the season, but also score those important on-field points in the opening rounds.

Bailey Scott (MID, $218,000), Willem Drew (MID/FWD, $208,000), Charlie Constable (MID, $205,000), Lachlan Schultz (FWD, $206,000) and Matthew Parker (FWD, $213,000) are all named for their second games and have negative breakevens.

Coaches of Marty Hore (DEF, $181,000) and Jordan Ridley (DEF, $318,000) may already be looking to offload the duo as they have been omitted.

Other than that, it seems it is Operation: Get Rocky… again! Tom Rockliff (MID, $650,000) top scored with 166 last round and his ownership has grown from 16 per cent to 28 per cent in the last four days.

Coaches should be reminded that we are currently in a partial lockout. Richmond and Collingwood players have been locked however you are able to edit the rest of your side until full lockout comes into effect tonight at 7:50pm AEDT.


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The Magpies were unstoppable last night and their Fantasy scoring followed suit. Adam Treloar (152) racked up 39 disposals to top score while Jack Crisp (142) bounced back from a disappointing round one.

An incredible 17 Collingwood players scored 85 or more, eclipsing Richmond’s highest scorer, Toby Nankervis (82).

Together the Pies tallied 2127 points; one of the highest ever team totals of Fantasy points in a single game. Last season no team scored more than 2000 points, while only two teams managed to do it in 2017.

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Conversely, the Tigers posted 1176 points, just four more than they scored in round nine last season to be the only team in 2018 to score fewer than 1200 points.

Get them in

Tom Rockliff (MID, $650,000)
Only 15 per cent of the competition backed in the fact our Pig had a full pre-season, believed Ken Hinkley that the Power's gameplay had changed and the fact they were allowing Rocky to return to the mud (as an inside mid). That leaves 85 per cent of us requiring a trade, but be smart about it. I have been asked whether to trade Brad Crouch or Tim Taranto to him. The answer is no, they are huge value themselves. Players like Zach Merrett however, is a no brainer. He has a breakeven of 38 and history of dominating against the Blues. Add to that his coach now also refers to him as a Pig in press conferences… Oink, lock

Travis Boak (FWD, $667,000)
Another Power player embracing a change of gameplan and a return to their best playing position is Boaky. It is probably the best I have ever seen him play, absolutely dominating as a midfielder with 34 possessions, nine marks and eight tackles for 144. His most possessions last year was 29 and his highest score was 113. All this and he can be selected as a forward. He rose 34K last week and his breakeven of 60 suggests another big increase following his home matchup with the Blues. 

Bailey Scott (MID, $218,000)
Had to wait until Sunday night to see the young star do his work out on the wing for the Roos but it was certainly worth the wait. He was so calm with ball in hand and his 21 disposals reflected that as he also added a handy eight marks by utilising his ability to get into open space. He has quickly become the must-have rookie on the back of his 97. He has a breakeven of -20 and is set for another significant price rise.

Get them out

Seb Ross (MID, $763,000)
With so many under-priced midfielders pumping out huge scores, it’s hard to justify the big bucks for Ross who only managed 82 in a prime matchup with the Suns. He is a prime candidate for a cash grab to Tom Rockliff.

Lance Franklin (FWD, $639,000)
Buddy’s lack of pre-season was evident in round one and it will take him a few weeks to get going. By then, he will be at a bargain price, so sell now while his price is still high. He has a breakeven of 128 and is likely to drop over 30K this week.

Zach Merrett (MID, $704,000)
The former elite premium looked underdone and a far cry from the guy we flagged as potentially returning to his 118 ways at the start of the year. Add to that, the Bombers looked poor and it will be a tough gig maintaining a good average unless they drastically change things. He has an easy matchup with the Saints but a daunting breakeven of 144.

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Calvin's Captains

No.1 – Jack Macrae v Hawthorn
Despite not playing the Hawks in 2018, Macrae’s record against them is very good with scores of 116 and 126. He loves playing at the MCG where he has averaged 140 in his last five games. Considering that the Hawks allowed Sloane (144), Matt Crouch (132) and Brad Crouch (109) to score with ease last week, Macrae should do the same here.

No.2 – Nat Fyfe v Gold Coast Suns
144, 132, 121 and 119 are Fyfe’s last four games against the Suns and now you can see why he sits high on the rankings this week. He scored 103 last week from 32 possessions. 

No.3 – Patrick Cripps v Port Adelaide
Cripps has played the Power four times in his career with a lowest score of just 106. After scoring 101 in his first game this year, I'm expecting a much better result on Saturday.

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No.4 – Tom Rockliff v Carlton
After 166 last week and 178 in his last JLT game, we cannot ignore him anymore. This is legit. Carlton gave the Tigers five 100+ scores last week and after finding the ball 44 times with 10 marks on the weekend, our pig will be oinking again.

No.5 – Adam Treloar v Richmond
A solid 120 last week, was what we expect from Treloar and we should get it again. He scored 71 and 147 against the Tigers last year with 127 and 115 prior to that. He pumped out a massive 152 so well done if you made him captain or selected him as vice-captain for the loophole.