WESTERN Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge has been sent a "please explain" letter from AFL Victoria following his call for Will Minson's report for making contact with an umpire to be thrown out.

Meanwhile, Bulldogs president Peter Gordon has also weighed in on the matter, telling Triple M on Monday: "I think I've pushed peas to the side of my plate harder than Will Minson did any pushing yesterday".

Minson was reported by three umpires – two field and one boundary – just before half-time during Footscray's massive VFL win over North Ballarat at the Whitten Oval on Sunday.

The 30-year-old ruckman was celebrating after kicking what he believed was a goal, when the field umpire told him it had been touched.

Minson then made contact with the umpire as he ran by, and was subsequently shown a red card and reported.

"It's disappointing. It's pretty laughable, really," Beveridge said after the Bulldogs' 39-point loss to Melbourne later on Sunday afternoon.

"It would stagger me if anything happened in regards to it.

"Something has gone drastically wrong if it's not thrown out straight away.

"Over the course of my career I patted umpires on the back, I talked to them with my hand on their shoulder and there's always a rapport between players and umpires and I think this one just took it the wrong way.

"As he went past, Will just touched him, really, as he went past. There's nothing in it so I'm not really sure why the reaction was what it was."

But an AFL Victoria spokesman confirmed to AFL.com.au the Tribunal hearing would go ahead at Ikon Park on Tuesday, where the three reporting umpires will give evidence.

And a "please explain" letter has been sent to Footscray general manager Ben Graham following Beveridge's comments.

Minson's report is the first for making contact with an umpire in the past seven years in the VFL, although cases of accidental contact have seen fines handed down in that time.

Minson's case will be heard by a three-member AFL Victoria Tribunal on Tuesday.

A suspension would come at the wrong time for Minson's stalled AFL career, after Beveridge praised his "terrific" performance prior to being sent off and said the ruckman would be in contention for a recall against Greater Western Sydney.

The 2013 All Australian has played the past four games in the VFL after being dropped following the Dogs' round three loss to Hawthorn.