SOME players enjoy the big stage and over the years we have seen some monster AFL Fantasy scores racked up on Anzac Day.

Magpies’ captain Scott Pendlebury played in every one of the April 25 clashes between traditional rivals Collingwood and Essendon since 2007.

His Fantasy numbers are outstanding after scoring 78 in his first appearance, 'Pendles' added scores of 150, 116, 97, 166, 113, 108, 107, 118, 127, 70, 104 and 148 to score the most points over that time at an average of 116.

Bombers’ skipper Dyson Heppell has enjoyed his Anzac Day games. In only his fifth AFL game, he scored 107 and averages 110 in the eight matches he’s played.

Playing four Anzac Day games each, ball-magnets Adam Treloar and Zach Merrett have been outstanding averaging 125 and 110 respectively.

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In this week’s episode …

The boys are up to the rucks as they piece together the best Fantasy team from the last 10 years.

Brodie Grundy has been outstanding in the second-half of the decade. In his third season he averaged 91 and since then he’s increased his output each season to average 122 last year.

It is a toss-up between Dean Cox, Max Gawn, Stefan Martin and Todd Goldstein for the second spot with the latter applauded for his incredible consistency and durability. The North Melbourne ruckman missed just 10 games from 2010-2019 while averaging 91 Fantasy points.

Episode guide

1:30 - The AFL have announced a date to announce when the season will resume.

4:00 - What has been on the TV during isolation.

7:30 - Warnie looks at the best Anzac Day performances from the last decade.

12:00 - Was Brent Stanton an underrated Fantasy player?

14:40 - The best rucks from 2010-2019 are discussed and inducted into the team of the decade.

20:00 - Calvin makes the case for Todd Goldstein.

26:30 - Dean Cox would have been the best ruck from 2005-2014, but is he for the most recent decade?

31:00 - How do Stefan Martin's numbers stack up?

33:00 - Reilly O'Brien and Jonathan Giles are named on the bench.

37:10 - Questions from social media - follow @AFLFantasy on Twitter and like the Official AFL Fantasy facebook page.

41:00 - Dylan asks how this season will affect Fantasy in 2021.

45:00 - What value does Tim Taranto currently have in Fantasy Draft?

50:15 - The Traders discuss the origins of their nicknames.

54:00 - Roy takes us back to 2007 when the lads first recorded a YouTube video about Fantasy and puts Calvin through the paces with a question and answer session.

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