NAT FYFE v Dustin Martin.

Both are Brownlow medallists, both are champions of the game and both can win a game single-handedly.


But who would you pick?

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'He's just a scalpel with the ball': Dusty v Fyfe debate continues

Ross Lyon has his say on the Dusty v Fyfe debate AFL players struggled to adjudicate on last week

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If you need any help deciding, here's what Ross Lyon had to say in last week's episode of The Coach:

"Dustin does his work centre-forward, starts in the midfield and drifts forward. He's just a scalpel with the ball and explosive. He can destroy you in 15 minutes.

"In  fairness, if Nat had the luxury to go and play in the goalsquare, and he got the amount of supply Dustin's getting off Richmond, I think you'd see bags of 5-10 (goals) from Nathan, no problem.

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Dusty or Fyfe? Find out who the players would pick

Is this the hardest question in football? Watch our new show This or That

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"Both could get the job done but they'd do it a lot differently," Lyon said.

So who would he choose?

"You couldn't choose … but if the rest of Richmond come with Dusty, I'll take Dusty!"

Over to you.