WHAT new trends can we expect from this year's Telstra AFL Trade Period?

Fewer ruckmen recruited? A stronger emphasis on 'Godfather' offers? Less importance placed on key-position players? They're all possibilities in a post-coronavirus player movement period, according to the crew from the AFL Exchange podcast.

Join Cal Twomey, Mitch Cleary and Riley Beveridge as the boys discuss how different football will look after COVID-19 and analyse how that will impact the trade window.

Plus, they also chat about the links between the Adelaide training incident and its history of cultural problems, the most underrated commentary moments and more.

Episode guide

1.40 – Are there bigger issues at play for the Crows?

7.20 – What different trends can we expect during this year's trade period?

15.45 – A premiership captain joins the show to discuss what's in Balmey's back pack.

18.05 – What's the most underrated piece of footy commentary?

30.05 – The boys share their 'roses are red' themed banners.

32.20 – Who started the three-quarter time huddle on the boundary? 

35.50 – What happened to the Competition Committee?

38.00 – Which current and former player would you want a photo with?