IN LOOKING to bounce back from a 110-point thumping at the hands of a red-hot Sydney Swans, Geelong finds itself in unfamiliar territory.

The loss was the worst under coach Chris Scott's leadership and the biggest defeat the players have experienced in the blue and white hoops for many years.

Scott says the question of how the players overcome such an experience was "absolutely something that we need to address".

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"That will dominate my thinking for the 15 hours that I am awake tonight, but I am not in a position to walk you through those things right at the moment," Scott said.

"There will need to be a response.

"Our coaches haven't been in that position much and our players certainly haven't for a long period of time.

"I suspect we will focus on the opportunity, that is to see how we can respond to a really, really poor performance."

The Cats have had consecutive six-day breaks, which included a trip to Perth in round nine, over the past fortnight.

However, Scott said the issue of fixturing was well down the list of reasons why the Cats were beaten and there will be a thorough review of the game.

"We will take our time to review it really thoroughly and work out some of the reasons why," Scott said.

"We won't throw the baby out with the bath water."

The Swans' three key forwards kicked 12 goals between them - Kurt Tippett booted five, Lance Franklin four and Adam Goodes three - in an awesome display.

Asked if the Swans could be beaten if the three were on top of their games, Scott said: "nothing surer".

"They are a very good team no question about that, that is stating the bleeding obvious," Scott said.

"But I suspect that it will be a season where teams ebb and flow with form based on player availability, the fixture, a whole range of things.

"If you are off and they are on, then the margin can really blow out.

"I am very confident that we will improve and we will get some players back."

The Cats face Carlton at the MCG next Friday night.