MELBOURNE'S Jack Watts is likely to have a chance to redeem himself against Adelaide after another poor showing on Saturday night at the MCG.

Despite two ordinary games and a rocket from coach Paul Roos at three-quarter time against the Sydney Swans, he is likely to be named for game No.80 at the Adelaide Oval.

"I would think he would be playing this week. I'd be surprised if he wasn't," Roos said.

After 27 disposals in the opening round Watts has averaged 15 disposals in the past five matches. On Saturday night, particularly in the third quarter, his defensive efforts were below par.

At one stage Sydney Swans' rookie Jake Lloyd, in just his second senior game, worked harder than Watts to crumb a pack and helped Josh Kennedy kick a goal.

But Roos said he was bemused by the attention Watts' games attracted.

"We don't have the same fixation on Jack Watts as everyone else does," he said.

"He is just one of our players that we try to get better every single week."

Watts has attracted headlines from the moment he joined the club as the No.1 pick in the 2008 NAB AFL Draft.

"I get a little bit surprised that everything goes back to Jack Watts. We've got a lot more problems at this club than Wattsy's form," Roos said.

He gets assessed like every other player on the list."

Roos said it was hard to be specific about why the 23-year-old's form had dropped off but he said he was being asked to play multiple roles.

He also said Melbourne's coaching staff were trying many things with many players, which could have an unsettling effect.

But Roos stopped short of describing the criticism as unfair.

"It's surprising. I don't know if it is unfair. You are playing AFL football. There is heat on everyone playing AFL football," Roos said.

All 22 players needed to buy in to the team's credo for it to be successful.

"If you can't defend in this competition it's really, really difficult to win games on a consistent basis," Roos said.

He also insisted his three-quarter time message to Watts and Jeremy Howe was not negative, saying he merely told the duo the team needed a big last quarter from them.