A FORWARD trio of Jeremy Cameron, Jonathan Patton and Tom Boyd looks imposing but according to its newest member, Greater Western Sydney faces an "interesting dilemma" to fit them all in.

Boyd, the No. 1 pick in last year's NAB AFL Draft adds another dimension to the Giants' attack, with Cameron McCarthy (pick No. 14) also showing potential as a tall marking forward.

"I'm pretty sure they (the Giants’ coaching staff) are happy to have a large number of key forwards, when some clubs really don't have any," Boyd said on Monday.

He is confident the trio can co-exist in the same forward line.

"It comes down to a lot of things – in terms of form and timing. Obviously being a bigger forward line, can we put on the defensive pressure that's required?

"It's an interesting dilemma to have, but it's really not up to me. I'll leave that up to the coaches."

All Boyd can do is start to impose himself in the training drills and intra-club hit-outs. The key forward, who measures 201cm and weighs in at 102kg, has noticed a definite spike in the level of training required as an AFL footballer.

"The intensity and repeat intensity each day is at the next level. Until you really get there and start experiencing it, it is a shock."

18-year-old Boyd and the rest of the 2013 draft class are attending the AFL Players' Association induction course over the next few days. They will learn about the journey undertaken by AFL players, life skills, decision-making, the importance of well-being, diversity in the AFL and respect and responsibility, among other things.

"We realise that as players of this game we are leaders in our community," Boyd said.

"To put forward a responsible image, as young people, is super important."

Boyd is eagerly awaiting the NAB Challenge series with the Giants to take on the Swans on February 20, but he has no set expectations on the number of senior games he will play in 2014.

"I'm not putting any numbers on games or when or if I'm going to play. I'm just looking at training as hard as I can, and so far, I feel like I've held my own pretty well in the group," Boyd said.

"It’s up to the match committee and coaching staff to pick (the team) and obviously there's a fair way to go until (home and away) games. I'll get a better idea after some intraclub matches."

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