ST KILDA rookie Eli Templeton will return to full training next week as he sets himself for a full pre-season following a 2014 campaign ruined by a freakish broken arm.
Templeton's debut year ended in round six when he broke his left arm just above the elbow, with the Saints now not willing to risk him at any level in the final three weeks of the season.
A strong contender to earn promotion to the senior list ahead of 2015, the 19-year-old has suffered nerve damage as a result of the injury, experiencing lazy fingers and a weak wrist on his left side.
However, he has been assured that will pass in time and he is confident the injury will not have any impact on his 2015 pre-season.
"I'm back doing full weights and I've started doing some contact training last week," Templeton told  
"I really ramped it up today in my session and I'm back into full contact next week.  

"Unfortunately we've just run out of weeks to get back and play, but just getting back out with the boys next week will be great.
"One of my goals is to play round one next season, so I just want to get fit and have a tough pre-season."
Templeton broke his arm in the Saints' Anzac Day clash against the Brisbane Lions in Wellington, with his eye-catching start to the season coming to a grinding halt.
His surgeon, John Salmon, said he'd only seen one comparable injury more severe from a football game. The rest were a result of car accidents. 

"It was a spiral fracture, not really a perfect break, so that set me back a little bit," Templeton said. "I did a pretty good job of it and needed a plate and 15 screws.
"One of the main challenges I've had so far – and it's still ongoing – is the nerve damage.
"I went and saw a neurosurgeon the other day just for a check-up and he said it's all fine, so I'm working around that and training with that as it is.
"I'll just need time to fix that."
Reflecting on his year, Templeton said his six games had been valuable in giving him a taste of senior football and showing him what needed to improve to have a successful career.
They were also valuable games for the Saints, who saw a teenager comfortable at the top level.
"Hopefully I can be around for a couple more years and I might get another extension on top of that," Templeton said. 
"I want to stay at the Saints for as long as I can and hopefully have a perfect career of 10 to 12 years.
"(Exercise physiologist) Luke Vella's got me in pretty good condition for the pre-season ahead, which will be tough, but I can't wait to jump into it."