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WHETHER Christian Petracca and Angus Brayshaw were selected at No.2 or No.3 was neither here nor there for Melbourne recruiting manager Jason Taylor.
He shrugged his shoulders when asked whether it was a flip of the coin to decide which name he called out first and said it was "splitting hairs".
Petracca, who played junior football with Beverley Hills - the same club where senior coach Paul Roos learned the game – eventually heard his name before Brayshaw but they were always destined to be joined at the hip as Melbourne's next dynamic midfield duo.
Taylor said Petracca's confidence was a positive and although he had some work to do to improve his endurance, he was exactly the big-bodied midfielder the club wanted.
Brayshaw comes from a strong sporting family, with his father Mark involved in the game since North Melbourne drafted him in 1989.
He also played his junior football at Hampton Rovers, the same junior club as Melbourne's first selection in 2013, Christian Salem.   
Taylor said Brayshaw’s ability to hit the scoreboard as a midfielder was a huge positive.
"He kicks genuine goals from the midfield and I think that is important in midfielders," Taylor said.
He also confirmed Tom McDonald would get his wish to live with his younger brother Oscar after the club used selection No.53 to choose him - exactly the same selection it used to acquire Tom in the 2010 NAB AFL Draft.
Like his brother, Oscar is a key defender although he has a little more class and can kick with both feet. Taylor said he fitted a need, while he thought Alex Neal-Bullen had plenty of upside.

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Selection No.2 – Christian Petracca
Jason Taylor says: "Christian's body of work over a two-year period stands out. He has been able to perform over time. His finals as a bottom-ager in 2013 was exceptional and he has put together a good season this year of consistent football."
Selection No.3 – Angus Brayshaw
Jason Taylor says: "A big, hard midfielder that we wanted to add to the mix who has got a bit of speed outside as well. His footy character is critical to the young midfield group and he is a genuine goalkicking mid."
Selection No.40 – Alex Neal-Bullen
Jason Taylor says: "He is a hard inside midfielder who is an elite runner having run a sub-10 minute three kilometre run. He will help bring that mix into the midfield of hard running and he played consistent senior football with Glenelg."
Selection No.42 – Billy Stretch (father-son)
Jason Taylor says: "He has hit the ground running because he has got a good attitude. He has got a light body so will take some time but has been impressive in his first week-and-a-half at the club."
Selection No.53 – Oscar McDonald
Jason Taylor says: "I was a little surprised he was still there but he is a developing key defender with the right height at 197cm and he has steadily improved this year. We know what we are going to get. He is going to come in and do the work."

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