MICHAEL Voss has slammed the possibility of Melbourne receiving a priority draft pick, saying clubs like the Brisbane Lions had battled through compromised drafts with no help.

Voss said other struggling clubs in the past three seasons like Port Adelaide and the Western Bulldogs also had the right to put their hand up if the Demons were granted an additional pick.

Voss' reaction comes after AFL deputy chief Gillon McLachlan said there was a "pretty strong argument" for Melbourne to receive a priority draft selection.

The AFL Commission has discretion to award the top draft selection.

Voss it was "disturbing" to think Melbourne would get assistance while others had no such help.

"We've just come out of the greatest compromised drafts in the last two or three years. Our teams that have been struggling through that point in time have received no leg-up whatsoever," Voss said.

"All of a sudden we find out, out the back end of those compromised drafts, that apparently priority picks are now back on the table.

"If that is the case, I think quite rightly our football club should be asking the same question as well as Port and the Western Bulldogs and a few other teams.

"To align it in one team I think is inappropriate and doesn't recognise the current landscape of where AFL football is at."

Voss said the Lions had been forced to find other means to strengthen their list over the past couple of seasons as well as continually developing their young players.

The Lions received pick five in the 2010 AFL National Draft and selected Jared Polec, and have used the eighth pick the past two years to secure Billy Longer and Sam Mayes.

They have also traded for the likes of Dayne Zorko, Jordan Lisle and Stefan Martin as well as landing free agent Brent Moloney to bolster their list in the past two years.

"We've had our challenges," Voss said.

"I don't see why there should be any relevance to hand that out (priority pick) without looking at other teams first and foremost."

Michael Whiting covers Brisbane Lions news for AFL.com.au. Follow him on Twitter: @AFL_mikewhiting