THE FOOTBALL world outside seems to be piling on top of Dane Swan, but it’s a different story within the confines of the Collingwood Football Club.
Speaking at the annual AFL captains' day on Tuesday, Nick Maxwell claimed to have never seen Swan better prepared for a new season.
It came only a few hours after coach Nathan Buckley declared Swan to be in a good space.
"In terms of his performance over the last four months I've never seen him so engaged, and I came to the club only a year after he did," Maxwell said
after coach Nathan Buckley declared Swan to be in a good space.

"I haven't seen him perform to the standards he has this pre-season so I couldn’t be happier."
Swan was fined $5000 by the Magpies for giving an unauthorised TV interview earlier this month and has been criticised by some for not appearing to be part of the group dynamic at the Pies.
But according to Maxwell, the midfield star carries baggage because he's a Brownlow Medalist and therefore wears a target on his back.
"I just think its the reality of high-profile players, whether it be 'Swanny' or 'Buddy' or Gary Ablett.
"Things get blown out of proportion because he's Dane Swan. I'm very comfortable where he's at as a player and I'm very confident he will have a good season for us," the Magpies' skipper said.
On other Collingwood concerns Maxwell said there was little to be read into 
Dale Thomas's decision to delay contract talks until later in the season, a situation that mirrors that of Travis Cloke this time last year.
"It’s the industry we're in now. We wanted free agency and this is part of it," he said.
"Internally, clubs are used to it and are getting their head around it, but externally people are going to have to accept that this will happen with contracts. Some players will leave [while] others won't."
"It’s the industry now and Daisy has every right to do that."
As for the lofty expectations surrounding the Magpies this year, Maxwell said he thinks the club will take an improved list into the season.
"We just have to make sure we put it together on the park. You can look good on paper but once you're out there on the ground its irrelevant."

Dane Swan is a midfielder in AFL Fantasy. He averaged 133.56 points in 2012. Register your team at our AFL Fantasy hub.
Ashley Browne is a senior writer for AFL Media. @afl_hashbrowne