MICK Malthouse has revealed his family was "disappointed with humanity" after his messy departure from Collingwood.

As the new Carlton coach prepares to face the Magpies for the first time since leaving the club at the end of 2011, he has detailed the extent of his family's resentment over Collingwood's handling of the succession plan that ultimately forced him out of the club.

"They were very disappointed, bitter in many respects, with the way it finished [at Collingwood]," he says in the third and final instalment of Malthouse: No Limits, a documentary produced by AFL Media.

"(They were) really done with football (and) really quite disappointed with humanity, if you like.

"I like to build things on friendship, and they go along with that friendship – when it's broken, it's broken; and badly broken."

Malthouse's wife Nanette admits she is not looking forward to Sunday's Carlton-Collingwood blockbuster at the MCG.

"I'm just dreading it," she says in the documentary. "I'll just be glad for it to be over … because it's all everybody talks about … I'd like to go and hide away somewhere."

Malthouse says experience has taught him that coaching against a former club can never be about him. However he adds: "I'm sure the media will make more out of it than what it should be … (but) if I draw the attention and it helps my team, so be it."

He says he has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from Pies fans, but expects to be the subject of some "banter" over the fence.

Malthouse also opens up about his close relationship with Blues assistant Rob Wiley and gives an insight into his softer side as a grandfather.