TOM SCULLY is a ‘running machine’ and the best two-way runner Leon Cameron has ever seen ‘by a country mile.’

The Giants coach has again gone public with his support of the high-priced midfielder, moving to debunk the public perception that he’s overpaid.

The former Demons No.1 draft pick was poached by the AFL’s newest franchise on a reported $6 million mega-deal.

"Tom is a running machine. His defensive side of the game is extraordinary," Cameron told the Herald Sun.

"He is the best by a country mile at two-way running I have ever seen.

"He will go hard (forward) but even harder defensively, which is great for our young mids."

Cameron insists he has seen Scully, 23, stand up and be counted.

"Last year there was a six-week patch where I saw the real Tom Scully," he said.

"After a tough start and as we grow in confidence he’s going to grow with us."

Cameron has no time for the critics.

"To the kid’s credit, you constantly get stones thrown at you and it's easy to give up and roll over but he never complains," he said.

"He knows he has copped a bit. Yes, he is an easy target and as a coach that disappoints you because we have 45 other players."

Knee surgery kept Scully out of the final weeks of last season.