Steele Sidebottom during Collingwood's 2020 official team photo day. Picture: AFL Photos

The AFL confirms that it has completed its investigation of the conduct of Collingwood players Steele Sidebottom and Lynden Dunn on the evening of Saturday 27 June and morning of Sunday 28 June.

The investigation concluded that both Sidebottom and Dunn had breached the Return To Play Protocols and there was a further breach of the AFL Rules by Sidebottom.

As a result Sidebottom has been suspended for Collingwood’s next 4 matches and Dunn has been suspended for Collingwood’s next match, with both to also receive further training on the Return to Play Protocols.

Both Sidebottom and Dunn were sanctioned in respect of using an Uber (in breach of the Protocols) following a visit to teammate Jeremy Howe’s home on Saturday and Sidebottom was also sanctioned for subsequently visiting the home of a Collingwood staff member, such visit also being in breach of the Protocols.

Sidebottom has also been sanctioned in relation to his conduct following departure from the Collingwood staff member’s home in an intoxicated state that resulted in him being picked up by the Police and delivered home.

AFL General Counsel Andrew Dillon said:

“The protocols have been clearly communicated, reviewed and accepted by all players across the league. The sanctions enforced in recent weeks should have been the reminder for everyone across the clubs, so we are disappointed to be having to deal with these breaches.” Mr Dillon said.

“We acknowledge both players’ remorse and cooperation with the investigation and recognise they reported the breaches to the club to ensure any risk could be mitigated. Now, more than ever, we all must continue to be vigilant and respect that the protocols are in place to ensure the safety of the players, their families, clubs, staff and the wider community.”