GWS MIDFIELDER Toby Greene says he has grown as a person and a player since being handed a five-week suspension by the club last season.
The Giants suspended Greene last year following his part in a Melbourne brawl during the team’s mid-season bye.
And while Greene didn’t play in the senior team for a significant period during the middle of the 2014 season, a strong finish to the year – and his impressive response to the incident – saw him rewarded with a three-year contract extension.
“I think it definitely it was something I learned from as a person,” Greene told Crocmedia on Wednesday evening.
“I guess I dropped the penny a little bit I reckon, and it’s been able to help me so far since then.”
Greene said he immediately wanted to repay the club’s faith in him when it offered him a contract extension last year.
“I’ve always had faith in the club and the club has showed faith in me, so it was great to get a contract extension and I guess I want to be a part of where we’re going so I was really stoked to get that,” Greene said.
“I guess it was alcohol-related the way I got in trouble, and I guess that can be sort of an issue for all young players.
“Especially when you haven’t had a drink in a while and then when you get a chance to, you might go a bit silly. But I guess that’s something I had to work on.”
Greene said it was a lesson to young players about the responsibilities of being a professional AFL footballer.
“I think it’s the same for anyone in everyday life. It’s about who you hang around with and what you do,” he said.
Greene said he hoped out-of-contract trio Dylan Shiel, Adam Treloar and Stephen Coniglio would follow his lead and re-sign with the club soon.
“Hopefully all three can stay and they’re all showing, so far this year anyway, that they’re going to be super players,” Greene said.
“Dylan and Adam are already copping a fair bit of attention from opposition players so they’re definitely three up-and-coming players in the League.
“Obviously the club would understand that we’d like to have them and hopefully that’s the way it pans out.”