ROSS Lyon says the AFL Tribunal's not guilty verdict on Hayden Ballantyne's bump was a win for AFL football.

The Fremantle coach was understandably pleased that his lively small forward is available for the Dockers' clash with Richmond at the MCG on Saturday after Ballantyne was cleared by the Tribunal for his hit on Adelaide's Matthew Jaensch on Tuesday night.

Lyon believed there was no malicious intent from Ballantyne, which is the most important part of the finding, according to the coach.

"In my personal opinion, there was no malice," Lyon said.

"It was purely competing for the ball. You've been taught since under-10s, getting between your opponent and the ball, remove them, and get after the ball.

"Certainly it was at the aggressive end of that, but the intention was to compete for the ball.

"That's what we coach our players on - if you make the ball your object, you'll be OK.

"Everyone saw it that way, so I was pleased for Hayden. But more importantly I'm pleased for AFL football."

He also praised the Match Review Panel's decision to refer the decision straight to the Tribunal saying the MRP's framework for such cases was very narrow.

"They haven't got much room to move," Lyon said.

"They clearly made a judgment that it doesn't really fit the parameters they get to work in.

"If there's going to be a review (of the MRP), they need some flexibility in their grading and interpretations I think.

"They are a bit hamstrung and they are a bit uncomfortable dealing with these sorts of situations where there is a perceived bump involved but they are competing for the ball.

"So therefore they did the right thing and referred it to the Tribunal.

"We're all just looking for some consistency of interpretation.

"I think common sense is now prevailing a little bit, which is really good."

Despite Ballantyne's reprieve the Dockers still face some issues at match committee after All Australian defenders Luke McPharlin and Michael Johnson have been ruled out for an extended period with medial ligament strains.

Lyon all but confirmed key defender Alex Silvagni would play after he was unlucky to be squeezed out two weeks ago against the Western Bulldogs.

"He is really obvious. You'd think he's basically going to play," Lyon said.

There are a number of others who could possibly come into the side. Lyon mentioned Hayden Crozier, Colin Sylvia, Clancee Pearce, Matt Taberner, and Anthony Morabito as legitimate chances.

Lyon said that Morabito was right in the frame but he would not make any guarantees and would not be swayed by emotion.

"It's a very serious discussion," Lyon said.

"First and foremost, our obligation is to win games of football and pick the best possible team. If romance were to purely come into it, he would play this week.

"But our objective is the four points. So is Anthony going to help us, or not? Is he the best chance, and is he ready? We're going to work through all of that."