FOR MANY coaches, three trades will need to be used to move on the injured players in order to give their team the best chance in their preliminary final.

Eagle Jack Redden was traded in by 2300 Fantasy Classic coaches last round and were impressed by his 78. He had surgery on his thumb which means he will miss the final two home and away matches. Likewise, a season-ending shoulder injury to James Worpel makes him a must-trade this week.

Jy Simpkin was concussed on Saturday night and there has been reports that Sam Docherty is battling a calf strain.

Coaches will have some interesting decisions to make this round and The Traders help you make the right calls to be on your way to premiership glory.

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In this week’s episode …

1:00 - The best of round 16 including Tom Rockliff and his tweet to Roy.

6:50 - Calvin was disappointed with Todd Goldstein after he scored 34 in the first quarter.

9:00 - Injury news including Jack Redden and James Worpel suffering season-ending injuries.

15:00 - Hamish Brayshaw at $170,000 is close to a must-have this week.

19:30 - Roy talks up Chad Wingard as being the bargain buy of round 17 with his increased midfield time.

21:15 - The best vice-captain and captain options are dissected by Calvin.

24:30 - Season defining 50/50 calls.

26:20 - Questions from social media

33:50 - Do you upgrade Sam Draper or your last midfielder?

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