EXCITING Brisbane Lions forward Eric Hipwood has added another year onto his contract, keeping him committed to the club until the end of 2020.

Fellow youngster Cedric Cox joined him, tacking an extra two seasons on his deal to keep him at the club until the same point. 

Hipwood, 19, has booted 30 goals from his 20 games this year. 

The Lions enter the final round on the bottom of the ladder but Hipwood said the club's improvement enticed him to sign on.

"We've had our ups and downs but I feel like we've improved a lot from last year. You can just look at the quarters won and we've nearly won more than double than last year. I can see that improvement and I wanted to jump on board," Hipwood told lions.com.au

He pointed to two key figures – coach Chris Fagan and football manager David Noble – as reasons he wanted to stay. 

Both are in their first season at the Lions. 

"It just felt like David Noble and Chris Fagan, they're the right men for the job and felt like the club was heading in the right direction," Hipwood said.

The promising left-footer was drafted with No.14 in 2015 as a priority selection, after having been a member of the Lions' academy.

He is struggling with a knee injury but is hopeful of facing North Melbourne on Saturday at the Gabba, in a clash that will decide which side finishes with the wooden spoon.

Cox has moved from Western Australia after being drafted at No.24 last year and is living with teammate Mitch Robinson.

"I know it’s not a home environment for me but it takes people around it to make it feel like home," Cox said.

"The reason why I signed is that I love my teammates and everyone around them. 

"I just love this club and the support everyone gives me. It will be great to spend a few more years with the boys."

The 20-year-old has lined up in seven matches in his first season.